How to open Uber’s digital account that will give a loan of up to R$ 10 thousand?

The account, which offers a credit line of up to 10 thousand reais, is intended for Uber drivers and delivery men.

Uber Conta is a service offered to Uber’s partner professionals, and its conception was the result of a collaboration between the digital bank Digio and Uber. With this account, it is possible to receive payment for races, generate slips, make payments and transfers.

In an announcement made on the 11th of this month, the company announced a new product, which will be available to account users: a loan with interest starting at 2.99% per month. Upon launch, Uber hopes to expand the service to make it available to all users.

How to open a digital Uber account?

To request a digital account, the employee must access the account opening area on the Uber website or in the app. In this area, he must inform some data, such as CPF, mother’s name and nationality, among others.

After filling out the form, the next step will ask you to send a photo document. If the interested person has already sent a document previously, it will be uploaded automatically. At this point it is important to check if the document is readable. If not, take another photo and upload again.

If the submitted document is expired, or if the photo is not clear, the account will likely be pending until a new photo (or a valid document) is submitted.

The password that will be used with the Uber card and to move the account must be registered during the opening process. Proof of income can be done according to the earnings of the application, or if you do not have a fixed income, the person can provide an estimate.

Without credit analysis, the company only evaluates the user’s registration based on the information sent by him. This analysis is completed in a few minutes.

One of the benefits included in the Uber account is Veloe, a sticker that allows the driver not to waste time at tolls. When joining the Uber digital account, the customer gets 6 months (monthly fees) free, paying only the amount of recharges.

Who can open an Uber Account?

This account is for Uber employees only. Even so, some requirements need to be met in order to have access to this product.

In order for the account not to be denied, you must have:

  • Active account;
  • More than 25 runs (or deliveries);
  • No legal holds.

In some cases, some Uber partners were invited to open the digital account even without meeting the specifications. Upon becoming eligible for account opening, the person can be invited via an email or an in-app notification.

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