iPhone 15 Pro must have camera suite update and exclusive vendor

Apple is already planning its next family of cell phones and should implement some changes related to the current generation. Among them, the iPhone 15 Pro can receive changes in the design of the camera block, with the presence of a periscopic lens – something that had already been ventilated previously.

The information comes from Largan’s chairman, Lin Enping. There is a possibility that the company will become an exclusive supplier of materials to the Cupertino giant. In addition, the executive confirmed that the company will need to adjust for the next year and use a hybrid lens format – and no longer the P design, with plastic.

The organization has already had to spend more than $100 million on atomic layer emplacement machines, as well as actively master Flare technology for next-generation prisms. Now, for the next one, it will have to focus exclusively on the technology for the “Apple”.

The periscopic lens on the eventual iPhone 15 Pro will allow for an optical zoom with more times – five times, according to rumors. In other words, it means taking pictures of even more distant objects without losing quality. For now, Apple does not confirm these changes in its future top of the line.

The periscopic camera made its smartphone market debut in the Huawei P30 Pro. The Detective TC column has already addressed the operation of this technology, to explain in detail what it is for. You can check this link.

What are your expectations for the future iPhone 15 Pro with this change in camera design? Comment with us!

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