Is it possible to earn extra income just by inserting invoices in the application?

Do you know the Money on Note app? Quite popular on the internet, the platform offers income by uploading invoices. The model caught the attention of many people. After all, who wouldn’t want to go shopping and get a little extra cash? On social networks and YouTube channels, several influencers already promote the app. However, Brazilians want to know: does the Dinheiro na Nota App really pay? Is it reliable or is it a waste of time?

If you want to find reliable apps to make money on the internet, the first step is always to check user reviews. After all, subscribers have nothing to gain from publicizing fraudulent platforms. In addition, it pays to choose consolidated options, with a proven reputation and positive payment reports. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about Money on the Note.

Where is the Money in the Note app available? Platform is Brazilian?

The application Dinheiro na Nota, firstly, is available both for cell phones with the Android operating system and for Apple devices, with iOS. The platform is a Brazilian creation, standing out for offering personalized support for national users.

Currently, Dinheiro na Nota has been downloaded by more than 1 million people on the Play Store alone. In other words, the app is very popular. According to the app’s official website, the purpose of the platform is to offer credits for everyday purchases, regardless of where they were made.

The application Dinheiro na Nota is a project of Retail 360 – a startup company in the technology area that is headquartered in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo.

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How does the Dinheiro na Nota App generate income?

When choosing an application to make money on the internet, an essential tip is to reflect on its operating model. After all, does in-app income generation make sense? On its official website, Dinheiro na Nota explains how it makes money and passes payments on to users.

According to the page, the application partners with retailers, distributors and industries. Part of the income from these partnerships is then passed on to users. The model is similar to that of paid survey applications, in which users earn money by answering questionnaires about pre-determined products and consumption habits in general.

How to profit from Money in the Note?

To earn money on the Dinheiro na Nota App, there is no secret: users must upload invoices in the app. To do this, just use the app to read the QR Code or the barcode of the notes. We show below the complete step-by-step to guarantee profits in the app, according to the information on the official website:

  • When making a purchase (regardless of the establishment), request the coupon or invoice with CPF;
  • Access the Money in the Note app;
  • Use the application to read the QR Code or the barcode of the note;
  • Confirm sending the note to the app;
  • Wait for validation;
  • Ready! You earn money for each note entered and accepted by the system.

How much can you earn on the app?

For every valid banknote entered into Money on the Note, users receive 10 cents. The app also has bonus compensation for subscribers who meet certain goals. See them all below:

  • Upload of the 20th valid invoice – R$ 1;
  • Upload of the 200th valid invoice – R$ 10;
  • Refer and Win Promotion – R$ 1 for each referral. The nominee also receives the same amount.

How to withdraw Cash on Note? What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

To request the withdrawal in the app, users must accumulate a balance of R$ 10. Payment is made via traditional bank transfer. The amount is transferred to a current (or savings) account held by the user. It is worth remembering that, in cases where the subscriber is not the account holder, the withdrawal is refused.

Which grades are valid?

Dinheiro na Nota accepts invoices and coupons for various types of purchases. The main requirement is the inclusion of the user’s CPF in the invoice. You can enter shopping notes at supermarkets, pharmacies, online stores, petshop, bars, restaurants, bakeries and more.

In addition, the platform also accepts electronic invoices (Nfe and Danfe)both for transactions carried out in physical stores and for purchases in online stores.

But watch out! Dinheiro na Nota does not accept the following invoices: electricity, water, telephone, parking, tolls, medical care and credit/debit card.

Money in the Note really pays? What do users say about the app?

As we mentioned earlier, the best way to check if a real paid tasks app is to analyze user comments. In the Play Store, the app store for cell phones with the Android operating system, Dinheiro na Nota secured a score of 4.7 (out of 5), considered very high.

According to the comments, Dinheiro na Nota really pays! Subscribers claim that the platform fulfills its payment promises with transparency, practicality and attention. Some users also praise the platform’s interface and the app’s earnings model.

Some subscribers complain of problems when uploading the notes and the value of payments, but in these comments, it is possible to see the fast and efficient performance of support. We list below some of the most relevant assessments; check out!

Great! I have already made many refunds and I am satisfied with the app” – Christina.

I really like the app, I started using it in May of last year and I’ve already made 3 withdrawals. I’m on my way to fourth serve. The money always fell straight into the account. The cashback value could be higher, but before I found this app, my notes didn’t yield anything” – Luana.

I’ve been using the app for some time now, and I notice that the developers are continually improving it. For example, when I started using it, they didn’t have donations or gift vouchers.” – Alexander.

The app is excellent. Following the step by step, you can have an extra buck. So, put your CPF on all your purchases!” – Keithy.

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I can’t receive Cash on the Note, how to solve it?

In case of any problem with the Dinheiro na Nota app – whether it’s when uploading, reading the QR Code or requesting payment, you should contact app support.

For this, you can access the official website of the app (, the application’s social networks ( and or send an email to

Finally, to download Dinheiro na Nota, just access (for Android) or (for iOS).

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps or games. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend that you carefully research and read all information before downloading any app or registering on platforms or websites.

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