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The NBB season that starts this Saturday marks 15 years of history for the most important competition in Brazilian basketball. There are 14 complete editions – in 2019/20, it didn’t end because of the pandemic – with stories and unforgettable deeds for fans of the orange ball. The ge separated the main records that will be put to the test.

Marcelinho Machado is a figure on the list. The match between Flamengo and São José, in 2010, at Arena da Barra, was marked as one of the greatest matches in the history of the Brazilian basketball elite. The winger scored 63 points in the 101-89 victory. It was the highest score an athlete has ever scored in a single match.

Marcelinho Machado in action for Flamengo — Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Of those 63 points, 48 ​​came in balls from the perimeter. Marcelinho tried 21 times and converted 16, setting another record: most 3-point shots made in a game. The winger is also the biggest winner of the competition, with 5 titles.

– When I went in to play, I believed that every game was going to be a game like this. That’s amazing, because I’ve had other games that I did very well, I got 50, 40 or so points, but this game was special. You enter believing that you will always be able to do it and there is a day that happens. It’s a day that is kept not only in my memory, but in everyone who was there with me that day – said Marcelinho about the numbers that remain to this day.

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Being the ace of the edition is another status that few players boast. And winger Marquinhos had the feeling of being elected MVP (most valuable player) three times in the NBB (2012/13, 2015/16 and 2017/18), being the biggest in this regard. Marcelinho, for example, went on two occasions.

Last season, Bruno Caboclo achieved the feat when he played in the tournament for São Paulo, before transferring to the NBA developmental league. In the finals, it was the turn of pivot Lucas Dias, who helped to win of the title unheard of in France.

Bauru Basket vs São Paulo, NBB 2021/22, Marquinhos, Alex Garcia — Photo: Victor Lira/Bauru Basket

Fifteen years is also time to remember the top scorers. The North American Shamell, who currently wears the São Paulo shirt, is the highest scorer with 8,374 points.

Greatest Scorers in NBA History

Player Punctuation Games current team
Shamell 8,374 471 Sao Paulo
marquinhos 7,977 450 Sao Paulo
Alex 7,161 460 Bauru
olivinha 6,558 495 Flamengo
Larry Taylor 5,987 461 Bauru
Jefferson 5,884 443 Pine trees
Giovanni 5,792 349 Retired*
Marcelinho 5,709 314 Retired*
Betinho 5,471 417 Sao Paulo
Lucas Mariano 5.208 380 France

Shamell scored 38 points for São Paulo against Franca — Photo: Marcos Limonti/LNB

With 9 players still active, the top-10 athletes with the most games may change. At 39 years old, Olivinha currently leads the brand of player with the most appearances in the NBB. In all, the Flamengo player has 495 matches.

Athletes with the most games

Player Games current club
olivinha 495 Flamengo
Shamell 471 Sao Paulo
Larry Taylor 461 Bauru
Alex Garcia 460 Bauru
Jonathan 460 France
Rafael Mineiro 451 Flamengo
marquinhos 450 Sao Paulo
Jefferson 443 Pine trees
Shillton 434 Retired*
Teichmann 430 Corinthians union

Other individual records

In 2010, pivot Murilo Becker converted 16 2-point baskets, when he was wearing the Minas shirt against Saldanha (102 to 85) – being until today the record for most 2-point shots made in a single game. The number was matched in 2019 by also pivot Batista, from Mogi, against Joinville.

Murilo Becker, pivot of LSB, for the second game of the round of 16 of Paulista de Basquete 2019 — Photo: Marina Gouvêa/LSB

Recently retired from the NBB and now as general manager of Brasília, Fúlvio is one of the greatest point guards who have played in Brazilian basketball. In 2012, he distributed 21 assists with the San Jose shirt. Despite the gala exhibition, the José team lost from 97 to 94 to Uberlândia. In that match he broke his own record, which was 18 decisive passes.

Fúlvio São José Basquete — Photo: Antônio Basílio/PMSJC

Another impressive number is the greatest rebounder in a single game of the NBB, which is divided between Leonardo and Mãozinha. The pivot Leozão was the first to reach the mark of 24 rebounds in the game between Basquete Cearense and Campo Mourão (77 to 69) in 2018. A number that was equaled in the last edition by Mãozinha. The young winger who is the new reinforcement of Corinthians, shone with the same 24 rebounds when he defended Basquete Cearense (126 to 122).

Leonardo Klassman, pivot of Basquete Cearense — Photo: Publicity / Basquete Cearense

The hand trained at the moment of decision also has a name. Point guard Anthony has the most free throw mark in NBB history. There were 19 converts helping Macaé Basquete to win by 73 to 67 against Caxias do Sul, in 2017. In the game, there were 21 moves, that is, 90% success.

Kendall Anthony, from Macaé, is featured on the NBB — Photo: Raphael Bózeo / Macaé

* Under the supervision of Bernardo Calil

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