New smart RADAR starts fining reckless motorcyclists

Anyone who spends a lot of time in traffic has certainly seen it all, including infractions committed by bikers reckless ones that look like they’re straight out of an action movie.

Drivers without helmets, motorcycles passing by the sidewalks, irregular turns and prohibited turns are just some of the most common situations that happen in the daily life of cities.

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However, it seems that these practices may be coming to an end with the arrival of a new technology that promises to improve the inspection of speed cameras.

The equipment is being called an “inductive loop”, which allows the registration of infractions such as running a red light, not wearing a helmet, prohibited turning, overtaking, oncoming traffic, among other transgressions.

How will this inspection work?

This new system, when combined with high-definition monitoring cameras, makes it possible to capture images of the vehicle and motorcycle, regardless of the location of the road. With the content collected, the transit agencies will be able to fine-tune the offending drivers in the best way.

“All the information generated by the sensors allows public agents to monitor and evaluate the behavior and behavior trends of drivers, including motorcycles, as well as to prosecute – if there is disrespect and current legislation”, explains Guilherme Araújo, mobility specialist.

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The new technology implemented in the radars can already be seen in cities such as Aracaju (SE), Novo Hamburgo (RS), Anápolis (GO), São Paulo (SP), Curitiba (PR) and Salvador (BA). The equipment has also been operating in the state of Pará since 2020. There, the motorcycle fleet is equivalent to 22.1% of the total vehicles in circulation.

Motorcycles have the highest number of accidents

Accidents with motorcycles on roads and highways across the country grow more and more, as does its fleet. A survey carried out by the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution shows that, in the first half of 2022 alone, there was a 50% increase in sales.

As a consequence, the number of infractions involving motorcyclists also increased in 2021, approximately 14.3%, compared to the previous year. Overall, 71,344 occurrences were recorded in the country. This makes motorcycle accidents reach 54% of all such cases in national traffic.

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