Neymar could be out of the Cup after trial in Spain; understand



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Neymar could miss the Qatar World Cup after facing a trial in Spain on October 17 and 31.

The football player, who currently plays for Paris Saint Germain, is accused of fraud and corruption. The period analyzed would be his transfer from Santos to Barcelona, ​​in 2013. Even the Brazilian investment company, DIS, which presented the action, expects a five-year prison sentence for the athlete.

Spanish prosecutors, however, want a two-year prison sentence in addition to a €10 million fine. If Neymar is convicted, he will be banned from playing football during the period, even if he serves his sentence in freedom, staying out of the Cup.

In addition to the athlete, the two clubs, Santos and Barcelona, ​​the former presidents of the European team, Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, and the former president of the Brazilian club, Odílio Rodrigues, are defendants in the trial.

Incidentally, it is worth remembering that DIS acquired 40% of the player’s rights when he was 17 years old, for the amount of 2 million euros. However, they claim that Neymar’s sale to the Spanish club was below his real market value.

At the time, Barça said that the athlete’s transfer was worth 57.1 million euros, with 40 million paid to his family. DIS received 40% of the 17.1 million that were paid to Santos.

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