Rafael Navarro’s manager gets angry with statements by Botafogo president and ‘snakes’ until CBF punishment

The businessman Carlos Costa, who represents Rafael Navarroof palm treeswas annoyed and irritated by the statements made by Durcesio Mello, president of the Botafogo, over the striker. The president spoke this week in an interview with the “Resenha com TF” channel.

– We offer the same as you earn at Palmeiras. Glove and salary of R$ 300 thousand. It was for this year, with a readjustment clause after six months. Did not want to. It’s there, the career may even end – said Durcesio.

Carlos Costa, however, did not like it and, in an interview with “Coluna do Venê”, from “O Dia”, he even demanded that the CBF punish the president of Botafogo.

– It is unfortunate that Mr. Durcesio assaulted a 22-year-old, spreading hatred and confusing Botafogo fans. As for the declaration that his career may even end, it is yet another proof of ignorance of football and an attack of hatred. Too sad to hear this from a club president the size of Botafogo. Who is not currently a holder can the career end? Wesley, Merentiel, Flaco, Breno Lopes, Atuesta, Gabriel Menino … and whoever is not a Botafogo player is doomed to the end of his career? This kind of declaration is bad for football, which no longer tolerates prejudice and hatred. There are recent cases of verbal and physical attack by cheerleaders towards athletes and how far does this statement drive it? Deserves a warning, punishment or at least be analyzed by the CBF. I don’t remember if there is a regulation for this kind of attitude but how long will it be allowed to spread hate in football?! – complained Carlos Costa.

– Durcesio doesn’t know Navarro and doesn’t know anything about what he had to overcome to get here. The best thing at this moment that Durcesio can do is let John Textor work, Textor who, by the way, has our respect and admiration not for entrepreneurship but mainly for human vision and social pursuit and it will be a pleasure to work together one day – said the businessman.

Carlos Costa justified choosing Navarro as a professional, because Palmeiras “go through one of its best moments in history” and Botafogo “was going through a moment of uncertainty. He said that there were still several negotiations, with clubs in Europe, the United States and Brazil.

– Durcesio attacks Botafogo fans. But I understand that Botafogo is bigger than all that. Navarro has a lot of affection and respect for Botafogo and the Botafogo people and he carries this with great joy and honor in his career. Botafoguenses, what Navarro and that group lived through was magical, unique, champion and that is in the lives of these athletes and in the history of the fans. Nobody believed it was possible but that group brought Botafogo back to the A series. Here we are peace and we are open to seal the Peace that Durcesio is not carrying. For us, Botafogo will always be pride and honor for the tradition and for what Navarro lived there – he added.

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