Ragnar’s illness after Paris attack revealed

Ragnar Lothbrok’s life was not easy. At one point in the series, he falls ill, but the illness he had was never revealed. So, the question that remains is what illness he had after the siege of Paris. vikings premiered in 2013 on the History Channel, through the hands of Michael Hirst, being initially planned to be a miniseries.

However, the series It was very well received by critics and viewers, thus being renewed for a second season. In total, Vikings ran for six seasons. With the end of the series, Netflix acquired the rights to the production and announced a spin-off, called Valhalla.

While Ragnar Lothbrok is not present, the legend of his exploits carries considerable weight in the series, and his legacy lives on. The characters of the series initially followed Ragnar Lothbrok, in his invasions and travels, alongside his brothers, since the beginning of the era, which was marked by the Lindisfarne incursion.

Ragnar’s sons became the focus of vikings and their own journeys, making them protagonists, although that didn’t make it any easier with Ragnar’s death.

Ragnar’s Fate in vikings

Ragnar’s fate was known in Season 4 of vikings, when they threw him into a snake pit. Before that, however, Ragnar became very ill, and made his fans question what had gone wrong with him. Or even, because the series never got to reveal what happened, what was his illness.

Season three saw Ragar’s troop siege of Paris. Such a confrontation took place between the Frankish forces of King Charles the Bold and the Viking army led by Ragnar Lothbrok. In the first round, Ragnar climbs a tower, however he was pushed off the edge suffering a very strong fall.

Ragnar slams his back against the wall and lands on top of a pile of corpses. In later episodes, Ragnar was seen urinating blood, vomiting and coughing as a result of his fall. Though that didn’t stop him from continuing with his plans, as his army continued to attack Paris.

Still, Ragnar’s disease appeared to be hidden in vikings. With that, many of the fans constantly raised doubts about what happened to the leader.

The Mystery of Ragnar’s Disease

Given the symptoms Ragnar felt and how he managed to recover after the siege of Paris, he certainly had kidney damage. Ragnar did not have any spinal fractures, so he was able to walk, leading to the belief that he had an internal injury.

As it is not certain that Ragnar was a real person, there are no historical records that can point to what Ragnar had. However, it all depends on the interpretation of viewers. Discomfort in the abdomen is a symptom of kidney failure, along with nausea and blood when urinating.

All these symptoms fit with what Ragnar went through in vikings. It is also possible that he suffered a lung injury from coughing, or even just a consequence of the blows to his back.

The injury, as bad as it was to Ragnar, was not enough to kill him or even break Ragnar, however, he was not invincible either, and in turn, was unable to escape the snake pits. The diagnosis of Ragnar’s disease mainly comes from the time period itself.

medicine in vikings

Vikings reveals Ragnar's disease
Image: Disclosure/History

At the time, modern medicine consisted of strange and outdated techniques. Taking into account the fact that at that time the knowledge of germs was still unknown, the symptoms Ragnar felt and the lack of knowledge made the disease difficult to diagnose.

Ragnar dies later in the series, but he managed to survive his injuries. The culture is quite innovative, and that included their views on the medicine of vikings. In any case, a diagnosis or cure of some disease, in the people would not be something that the modern public would recognize, that’s because most of the advances in medicine only happened in the last 200 years.

So, did you know about this curiosity?

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