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Renato Portaluppi gave a press conference right after training this Friday morning, on the eve of the decisive game against Bahia. The coach tried to keep the mystery about the lineup that will enter the field, asked for full focus on Sunday’s game so that the anxiety for access does not get in the way and did not hide a desire to remain at the club in 2023.

From the first minute of the interview, the captain stressed the importance of the next appointment, which can forward Grêmio’s “virtual access” to Serie A. The coach again mentioned that this is the main objective and from Sunday he will know what it will be necessary to achieve it.

– (The match) will be seen in the same way as the other opponents, the ones we’ve played have always had our respect, like Bahia. The goal is to go up and I promised it will happen. We have a difficult game against Bahia, but the objective is to seek victory regardless of the other results to jump up to Serie A – highlighted Renato, who later spoke about the anxiety for access.

– Fan anxiety, I understand, they want Grêmio to return as soon as possible to Serie A. The group is also willing, but we have to take it easy. Will happen. The faster we stamp the ascent, the better. We have this Sunday game with Bahia, we have this fat on the fifth place that is important. Regardless of the result of Sport with Vasco, it is important to do our part, then we will take a giant step.

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Renato asks Grêmio fans mobilized for the game against Bahia

Renato asks Grêmio fans mobilized for the game against Bahia

Even because of the decision-making atmosphere that surrounds the confrontation, the coach is a mystery about the lineup. One of the doubts about the lineup is on the right-back. Léo Gomes was tested in the starting lineup in open training. Since he became available again, the right-back was used entering the second half and, according to the coach, is fully recovered.

– He was still for a long time. The important thing is that he is slowly coming back and is not feeling any kind of injury. I have been here in the past, I have seen his suffering, he has improved, he is coming back, he is training, entering the games and he is not feeling anything. It makes us happy and so does he. He’s a candidate. He is a player who is focused and can start the match, yes – highlighted the coach.

Brenno had a scare in training on Wednesday, had to leave the activity early because of a cut on his ear. The goalkeeper took nine points in the region and did not train on the fifth. With that, it is one more of the doubts. But according to the coach, the lineup will only be known an hour before the ball rolls.

Renato Portaluppi, Grêmio coach — Photo: João Victor Teixeira

Renato also talked about the possibility of staying at Grêmio in 2023. The coach has a contract until the end of the year, but the two main candidates to replace Romildo Bolzan Júnior as president of the club have already expressed their desire to count on the coach next season. The coach also wants to stay, but he has some conditions to renew.

– Of course I want to, it is the club of my heart, but the first objective is to put the team in Serie A. There are many things to be discussed, but it is not the moment. Then what will happen, if I’m going to stay, is another conversation, the moment is now all together to put Grêmio in Serie A. From the moment it is accomplished and the elections, then we will get it right or not – he said.

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