Rueda says Santos need to sell player in December

President Andres Rueda admits the need to sell a player in December (Credit: Ivan Storti/Santos FC)

The president of Santos, Andres Rueda, reinforced the need to make a sale in December to close the year’s accounts. On Friday night, the manager spoke about the financial situation of the club, in an interview with the program Esporte em Debate, on Rádio Bandeirantes.

“We are making sacrifices. We equated the debts, they are not resolved, but they are under control. With perrengue. We paid the salary by a miracle, I’m looking forward to seeing how we’ll get through December. What will happen in December, being transparent with you, we will have to sell a player”, said the manager.

In the interview, the president again complained about the blocking of the sale of defender Kaiky to Almería, from Spain. The Spanish tax authorities withheld the amounts due to a lawsuit for the sale of forward Neymar to Barcelona. And he admitted a slight delay in the payment of the image rights.

“I was calm in the financial part for the sale of Kaiky, but in an arbitrary decision by the Spanish tax authorities, they blocked the revenue from the sale of Kaiky for an unpaid tax from the sale of Neymar in 2013. You can’t imagine what the management had to suffer for keep salaries up to date, image practically up to date. I’m 14 days late on an image. Nobody says anything,” he said.

Andres Rueda, once again, complained about the functioning of the football market in Brazil.

“Football, the way it is structured, income and expenses do not match. You take in less than you spend,” he stated.

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