Veto to Corinthians in Goiás makes caravan return after impasse on the way – 10/15/2022

The veto of the visiting fans in the match this Saturday (15) between Goiás and Corinthians, in Goiânia, at 19:00, left six buses of organized Corinthians fans stopped on the way for about three hours. At the end of the morning, the fans decided to return to São Paulo.

The caravan is made up of four vehicles from Gaviões da Fiel, one from Camisa 12 and another from Estopim da Fiel. The organized ones were stopped in Orlândia, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, in the interior of São Paulo, while they sought legal advice from the club.

Sought by the column, Herói Vicente, legal director of Corinthians, said that the club cannot reveal its legal strategies and stated that they have already been taken. The column had asked if there is a possibility that the team will not enter the field, if its fans are in fact barred. He neither confirmed nor denied that this hypothesis is studied.

According to André Luiz Machado, advisor to Gaviões and director of the uniformed caravan, the fans were informed in the morning by the Military Police of Goiânia that the visitors could not go to the game. The group left São Paulo at dawn, at 2 am, and stopped just before 9 am.

“Goiás had already sold the tickets that would be destined for us. So it’s easier for Corinthians to cancel the match or promote an action, like Duilio [Monteiro Alves, presidente do Alvinegro] said, about not going on the field, than watching the game. So, in a joint action here, we made the decision to return to São Paulo”, declared Machado.

The fans kept in touch with the Corinthians board for guidance, but from the beginning, they were told that it would be difficult to obtain the release. “It’s absurd, a lack of respect. They’re not respecting our right to come and go, they’re not respecting our right to cheer. At these times, what’s the fan’s statute for? Just to punish the fan? We’re outraged with such an arbitrary decision, a political decision”, said Machado.

This Saturday morning, Goiás released a note stating that the State Court of Justice accepted the request of the MP of Goiás for the match to be held only with the presence of the home team’s fans.

On Friday, the Goiás club had communicated on its social networks about the start of ticket sales for Corinthians fans after accepting a decision by the STJD, which was triggered by Corinthians to allow the presence of visitors. The next day, however, there was a twist.

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