🍎 iPhone 13 gets a price cut and becomes a good option before Black Friday

Sometimes you can’t wait for Black Friday before buying a new phone, which is why CT Deals keeps an eye out for deals all year round. Now, it’s time for the iPhone 13 to earn an early price reduction. Because it’s Apple, it’s very likely that the value won’t drop that much in November, so maybe it’s time to guarantee yours.

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Learn more about iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 was released by Apple in 2021, being the company’s latest second generation. It hit the market with interesting battery and camera improvements, making it the natural replacement for those who want a new iOS phone but still don’t have the money to take the iPhone 14.

The OLED screen guarantees a well above average experience when watching series and movies, but it also collaborates for those who intend to use their smartphone for social networks. Instagram, TikTok and WhatsApp also need a good screen after all.

The iPhone 13 is a huge improvement over the iPhone 11, for example, which is still Apple’s best seller in Brazil. For this amount, it is worth taking advantage and securing your new Apple device before the rush that Black Friday will be.


  • Battery for more than one day
  • performance to spare
  • Great set of cameras
  • excellent screen
  • 5G network available


  • Charger purchased separately

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