10 Superhero Movies That Almost No One Remembers Existing

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It may seem absurd to some, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe did not invent the superhero movies. In fact, comic book characters have always tried to make their transition to the big screen, not always with such positive results. And in some cases, several productions were erased from fans’ minds.

From anime produced in the 80s to films with very obscure characters, to relatively recent productions, several works starring superpowered beings ended up getting lost in a sea of ​​​​increasing releases. And it is with this in mind that we list here 10 Superhero Movies That Almost No One Remembers Exist!

Dracula’s Tomb (1980)

In the 1980s, the Marvel was trying to build bonds with fans in Japan, and that led to the creation of two animated films with characters more attached to the publisher’s horror side. While the Frankenstein’s monster was adapted very closely to the book by Mary Shelleywe also saw the King of Vampires in a very dark story.

In the plot, which faithfully follows the comics of Dracula’s Tomb, we follow the vampire as he takes control of a Satanist cult and impregnates one of his followers, all in a frantic narrative full of grotesque details. The anime was released straight to television and, for years on end, was completely ignored by fans.

The Swamp Thing (1982)

Even before the swampy character of the DC Comics win a short-lived series on the deceased DC Universehe was already terrorizing in theaters in 1982, thanks to the release of The Swamp Thinga film that narrated his origin and his passion for Alice Cableall created with very dated practical effects, even for the time.

And don’t be sad if you didn’t remember that movie. In fact, he is quite forgettable… except for a behind-the-scenes detail: the director of the feature was none other than Wes Craventhe filmmaker responsible for creating two of horror’s biggest franchises: Panic and The nightmare time. However, he himself rejected the project, considering it a bad film.

Supergirl (1984)

At the height of the popularity of Super man in Christopher Reevea DC Comics thought it would be an excellent time to introduce the supergirl in theaters, through a solo film starring Helen Slater. However, the project was a critical and commercial failure, burying the Girl of Steel’s reputation for years.

Although it is set in the same universe as the classic Superman movies, supergirl doesn’t work well like spin offsince the only connection is through the Jimmy Olsen in Marc McClure. Still, it’s a hell of a movie if you consider that the villain is none other than Faye Dunawayactress of classics like Bonnie and Clyde and Laura Mars’ Eyes.

Howard the Superhero (1986)

You’ve probably seen a drunken talking duck walking around in one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Is not it? Well, know that his name is Howard and he starred in his own film in 1986, in one of the most absurd productions in the history of cinema, which even has a scene of bestiality…

Yea, Howard the Superhero tells the story of this anthropomorphic duck who lives in a world full of beings like him, anthropomorphic ducks. One day, he ends up being sent to Earth, where he falls in love with a human woman… and the most surprising thing of all is that the film had its own finger. Lucasfilmthe producer behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

The Punisher (1989)

many years before Thomas Jane, Ray Stevenson and Jon Bernthal turn into Frank Castle in TV and movies, a great action star had already played the anti-hero of Marvel: Dolph Lundgren was the star of The Avengera 1989 feature that is loosely inspired by the bandit hunter from Casa das Ideias.

The cast even brings interesting names, such as Louis Gossett Jr. and Jeroen Krabbé, but it moves away from many of the signs and elements that made Frank Castle famous in the comics, so much so that he doesn’t even wear his iconic shirt with the white skull. Instead, he has a knife with a skull on it, but is seen fighting the Yakuza multiple times.

Generation X (1996)

If you’re on the team that thinks the Fox “destroyed the image of the X-Men in theaters”, you’ve probably never heard of Generation Xwhich was produced by marvel studios (at the time it was called Marvel Films it’s the MCU never dreamed of existing), and which is based on a lesser-known group of mutant heroes.

The movie – which was actually a pilot for a TV series that never went ahead – even featured some mutants known to fans, such as Emma FrostBanshee and Jubileebut all with a very cheap outfit and effects that looked like they came straight from an episode of goosebumps. However, if you grew up seeing the Afternoon sessionyou might even remember this bomb.

Steel (1997)

In the 90s, it was extremely common to see basketball stars migrating from the courts to the movie screens, and there is no better proof of this than the classic Space Jam. However, when Shaquille O’Neal (aka Shaq) decided to prove his worth in the seventh art, we had a highly questionable movie called Steel.

Inspired by a character from DC Comics which has always served as a supporting role in the stories of the Super manthe feature tries to turn him into the protagonist of his own story, with fewer references to the Man of Steel and a plot of his own… but it didn’t work: the film was condemned by critics for its half-assed production and superficial plot.

The Man-Thing: The Nature of Fear (2005)

Since we speak of the swampy hero of DC Comicsnow it’s time to talk about the marshy hero of Marvel. In 2005, the Lionsgate launched The Man-Thing: The Nature of Feara very low budget film that also tried to bring the character into a horror story, even though the Man-Thing comics always portrayed him as a kind and charismatic being.

Directed by Brett Leonard, the film makes several changes to the character’s backstories and presents the Man-Thing as a visceral and very violent antagonist, who already appears tearing apart a couple “making love” in a canoe. The film was such a flop on its release that many were not even aware that the character had already been adapting long before appearing in Werewolf in the Nightof MCU.

Jonah Hex: Bounty Hunter (2010)

For years, the DC Comics tried to build a solidified universe that brought together all its characters, similar to what the Marvel had done after Iron Man. However, every now and then, there would be a film about an obscure character, which was made on a low budget and soon fell into collective oblivion.

Jonah Hex: Bounty Hunter it was one of those cases. starring Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and Michael Fassbenderthe film featured a hero known for the publisher’s western stories, but it failed to attract an audience to movie theaters – so much so that it only $11 million at the box office against a budget of $47 million.

The New Mutants (2020)

The New Mutants It’s one of the funniest cases on this list. When the movie was announced, many fans were excited by the possibility of seeing heroes from Marvel in a horror story. Afterwards, production suffered a significant series of delays, and when the film finally came out in 2020, there was only talk of something else.

Directed by Josh Boone and starring a cast full of famous names, such as Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy and Alice Braga, the film was soon put aside for looking like an incomplete product, which did not bring half of the elements promised in the promotional campaign. Still, it has its strengths and is a beautiful tribute to the third film in the saga. The nightmare time.

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