3 tricks to keep images and videos from taking up space on your phone

Some tricks help improve the performance of features present in cell phones, ensuring greater durability. As much as the new models have been making more memory available in recent releases, the demand for space continues to grow. There are thousands of applications processing data uninterruptedly, resulting in slowness on the device.

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Need to download apps

Any excess of files and activities recorded usually compromise the functioning of programs such as Whatsapp. The smartphone interface itself tends to be slow, reducing response and reading time. Therefore, many users are looking for ways to reduce the risks of facing impasses like this, in addition to being prevented from performing new downloads.

The best tricks to make images and videos take up less space

1- Configure temporary messages

Go to WhatsApp’s ”Settings” and click on ”Accounts”, selecting ”Privacy” to choose one of the options: delete chat history after 24 hours, 7 days or 90 days. That way, everything that has been shared will be deleted automatically, saving part of the internal space without having to select and delete each of the media files afterwards.

2- Save received or sent files on computer

Open WhatsApp Web, perform the pairing in the ”Connected devices” section and open the most important chats. Download the most important videos and photos, remembering that it is necessary to do this quickly, as the platform does not always carry old messages, only making available those that have been exchanged in the last few days.

3- Clear app and mobile cache

The cache is a folder in which actions performed in the app are recorded and are no longer useful, however, they end up taking up a lot of space. Then access the cell phone’s ”Settings” on the system devices android and the ”Adjustments” of the iPhone itself, which works through the iOS system. By excluding these processes, you can free up a part of the memory, cleaning up what is no longer useful and only hinders certain updates.

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