After how long without paying the electricity is cut off?

Delays in the electricity bill are increasingly frequent, and one of the causes is the high cost of electricity. This is where the specter of the power cut comes in, which causes great inconvenience to the residents of the house. That’s why today, we will indicate shortly after how long without paying electricity is cut.

What is the power cut regulation?

Today, everything works with the use of electric energy: bathing, eating, health, leisure, among many other activities of a residence. That’s why when the light is cut, the interruption of these activities generates a great inconvenience.

That’s why you always have to be careful not to cut the light. Even so, the cut can only be made, from the regulation of the companies responsible for the distribution of energy.

What are the main reasons for carrying out the power cut?

Among the main reasons for cutting off the power supply are:

What are the regulations for cutting electricity?

In order to cut the electricity, the consumer must be notified 15 days in advance, by notification, which can be made on the energy bill itself.

Also, the power cut must be carried out between 8 am and 6 pm, and should never be done on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, public holiday or the eve of a public holiday.

If the power cut does not meet these conditions, or the notification does not occur, the consumer can file a claim for compensation, for not meeting the regulation.

Many energy distribution companies offer the negotiation of overdue bills to avoid the cut and facilitate payment.

Important information:

The cut must be made within 90 days of the expiration of the account. Otherwise, the cut cannot take place, even if the invoice is open.

How do I request the reconnection of electricity?

The process is simple but tedious. You need to issue a 2nd copy of the invoice, make the payment and keep the proof of payment. Contact the power distribution agency, and make the request to reconnect the light.

But know that from the reconnection request made by the energy distributor, it has 24 hours to reconnect in urban locations, and 48 hours for rural locations.

Be careful:

Do not illegally reconnect the light, as in addition to compromising the electrical integrity of your home, you may have to pay fines or even go to prison.

How to avoid cutting the light?

So, in addition to making the payment on time, there are other attitudes you can do to avoid power cuts. Are they:

  • Leave the light meter in a visible place and with access for the reading to be taken;
  • If you belong to the low-income bracket, register for the Social Rate and get discounts on your bill. You can ask questions with the energy distribution agency, or by calling 167;
  • Note on the electricity bill or in your email if you have been notified of the deadline for the power outage;
  • Always keep proof of payment, as the power may be cut off by mistake.

So, in short: there is no set time to go without paying the electricity bill for the cut to occur. What happens is that consumers need to be notified in advance of the cut and that there are days and times that they need to comply with to carry out the cut.

Keep your electricity bills up to date and avoid cutting the light in your home!

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