Braz says Corinthians will not win the Copa do Brasil ‘by force’ and detonates a postponed rival’s game on the eve of the final: ‘Not even in the floodplain’

Flamengo director made hot statements at Maracanã days before the decisive game of the Copa do Brasil against Corinthians

This Saturday (15th), Flamengo defeated Atlético-MG 1-0, at Maracanã, for the Brasileirãoin the last commitment before the decisive game of the final of the Brazil’s Cupagainst Corinthians, which will take place next Wednesday (19), at the same stadium. And after the match, the vice president of football at red-black, Marcos Brazgave warm statements about the decision.

In the mixed zone of Maracanã, the manager first detonated the suspension of the game that Helm dispute, also this Saturday, against the Goiásat Serrinha Stadium, but that did not happen by decision of the STJD, which, according to a statement, said that ‘the suspension aims to guarantee the sporting order and balance of competition’, since the emerald issued an official statement on its social networks about the ban on the presence of Corinthians fans in the duel.

I think today’s event (game suspension) is bad for Brazilian football. Not even in the floodplain, in the floodplain, she with 4 hours, 5 hours, you know if there’s going to be a game or not. You, in an important league like ours, not having a game by a determination of the STJD is very bad, for the championship, for the event, for everyone involved, even more with Corinthians also being in the episode, because they would also play today and Wednesday”, began by saying Braz, who continued.

“I’m not going to say (that Flamengo was) harmed, but for example, I’m going to talk about the Brazilian Championship, the other teams that are playing G-4, G-5, Corinthians will play later, with the entire team, so it didn’t just harm Flamengo, it harmed everyone. But STJD’s order, you just have to comply. Not even in the floodplain, any championship there, 4 hours before you know if there will be or not, if you’re having problems or not in the place, if it’s raining or not, anyway, let it go.”

The red-black leader even went further and spoke about an alleged pressure that the Helm has been exercising behind the scenes on arbitration, after complaining to the CBF about a penalty, which in his opinion should have been scored, in the first game of the decision, at Neo Química Arena, which ended in a 0-0 tie.

Braz went straight and straight and made it clear: off the field, Flamengo will not be defeated.

“The way the referee is being treated for the day of the game, a game of the importance of the Copa do Brasil, I think is not plausible, it is not good for the event. What I can guarantee you is that, on the outside, Flamengo will not lose. In morals, in the scolding, you won’t lose, what you can lose is on the field, win, draw, what’s in the game, in football, and that’s what I think has to happen“, said.

“Now the episodes are very bad, very strange, you have a systemic complaint from the referee, pressure from the referee. I cannot believe that a referee, who is also going to the World Cup, will have a problem or will be scared to whistle here . I trust arbitration, CBF, the arbitration trio and the chairman of the Arbitration Commission. I’m sure it will be impartial, correct, it will be the best for football. Now, what they are doing is not good for football, and in morality, by force, they will not win..”

Flamengo and Corinthians face each other from 9:45 pm, at Maracanã, after a goalless draw in São Paulo. If the tie remains on the scoreboard, the definition goes to penalties.

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