Can Neymar stay out of the World Cup on corruption charges? lawyer explains

Crack of the Brazilian National Team and PSG, Neymar will face trial next week on corruption charges. According to ‘Reuters’, Grupo DIS and FAAP have filed a lawsuit and asked for the attacker’s arrest, which would make the player’s participation in the World Cup unfeasible. Professor at FGV, Davi Tangerino explained the case.

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The DIS group, which held 40% of Neymar’s economic rights, and the Federation of Professional Athletes Associations allege that the player, along with Barcelona and Santos, lied about the transfer values ​​between the clubs in 2013. The authors of the lawsuit also ask for a fine of 10 million euros (about R$ 54.2 million).

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Former Santos president Odílio Rodrigues, former Barcelona officials Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell, and Neymar’s father are also being sued. However, the attacker’s defense stated that the crime the athlete is being accused of, ‘private corruption’, does not exist in Brazil. Davi Tangerino commented on the matter.

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– Brazil does not criminalize corruption between individuals. It is not possible to apply Brazilian law to a Spanish fact, because Brazilian law criminalizing private corruption does not exist. Although there is the crime of private corruption in Spain, as we do not have this identical provision in Brazil, it is impossible to apply it in the national territory – explained Tangerino.

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