Chinese multinational Xiaomi develops unprecedented portable solar panel that makes real the possibility of generating solar energy anywhere in the world

The Chinese multinational Xiaomi has launched a new product on the market capable of generating solar energy anywhere. It is a portable solar panel that can recharge up to 13 devices.

Xiaomi, a Chinese multinational in the technology sector, announced the sale of a new portable solar panel called the Mijia that works as a portable source of sustainable energy. The solar energy system works in a practical way, it can be folded to the size of a simple A2 sheet, weighing only 3.1 kg. However, it is necessary to be aware, considering that it is necessary to connect to a system that allows distributing this energy.

Xiaomi multinational equipment has a battery with a capacity of 280 mAh / 1022

Xiaomi Mijia Solar Panel 100 W comes equipped with advanced insulation technology, a glass front panel, IP65 waterproof and dustproof rating, and comes with a storage pouch on the back for charging cables, so , the portable solar panel is tough for outdoor use.

Although the equipment of the multinational Xiaomi can charge in about 1 hour, it comes to a point where it is necessary to connect to electricity and when users go for a walk or camp, this is somewhat difficult.

This external power source has an internal battery with a capacity of 280 mAh/1022 Wh and allows you to charge up to 13 devices at the same time, so it’s perfect for taking on a trip and longer adventures. And this is how solar energy production comes about to make users as autonomous and sustainable as possible.

Xiaomi’s portable solar panel will cost 1,120 Euros
With what was said before about the solar panel, if you combine the solar energy system and the internal battery, it is possible to recharge your cell phone or any device anywhere in the world with clean, autonomous and renewable energy.

At the moment it is possible to purchase the product only in pre-sale in the Chinese market. A pack of both products can cost in China around 7,800 yuan (about 1,120 euros). However, until then, there are no details on when and at what value this device from the multinational Xiaomi may arrive in the Brazilian market.

Startup develops portable solar power plant
Before Xiaomi, a startup from San Francisco, USA, launched a product called a portable power plant, which uses solar energy and dispenses with fossil fuels.

The device has a storage capacity of 882 Wh and a power of 1,400 W, generated by solar energy or a simple socket. The device generates enough electricity to power a home for up to 12 hours.

The solar-powered mini power plant can also be used to provide electricity for up to 12 household appliances at the same time, such as notebooks, TV, cameras, and in addition, it can work as an emergency exit for homes in the event of a power outage, without needing to from a noisy generator that runs on more polluting diesel.

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