Deyverson embraces Santos’ promise in Cuiabá: ‘younger brother’

Gabriel Pirani, a young and shy promise of Santos, arrived in Cuiabá for his first experience away from the team that formed him. A short time later, Dourado announced the famous and controversial Deyverson, ex-Palmeiras. The striker stayed at the same hotel as the midfielder and a strong and surprising friendship was formed.

Deyverson and his wife, Karina, hugged Pirani and his brother Leonardo, who lives with him in Mato Grosso. The relationship goes beyond football and the expectation is to maintain it when Menino da Vila returns on loan to Santos, in 2023.

“This connection I have with Pirani is that of a brother, both Pirani and Leonardo, who is his brother. My wife and I are always together with them. At the hotel where they are staying we always have this closeness, we have lunch and dinner together, we watch games together and we are always talking. My wife and I are always there with them to be able to, somehow, pass on our experience, she also knows a lot about this world of football and we try to pass on as much of what we learn and we live in. Pirani is shy and I try to help him”, said Deyverson, when UOL Esporte.

“Our families ended up creating a great relationship too and Deyverson is one of the great friends that football gave me. Off the field he is a good guy, humble, partner and who has a giant heart. On the field each athlete has his personality and the way he deals with competitiveness. This does not interfere with the human being that exists outside the field”, said Pirani.

Gabriel Pirani’s family goes to Cuiabá with some frequency and, in all these times, they meet with Deyverson and his wife. The promise is of new encounters during the holidays and later in the city of Santos.

Deyverson has a contract with Cuiabá until mid-2023, while Pirani is on loan until November this year and will be at Santos’ disposal for next season. While Deyverson is the absolute starter and has three goals in 10 games, Gabriel Pirani is a reserve and seeks more space with Portuguese coach António Oliveira. In any case, the “random” friendship must go beyond Cuiabá.

“It’s a shame that he is on loan from Santos here in Cuiabá and at the end of this season he will return to his club. Regardless of the distance, our friendship will continue. Me and my more extroverted wife brought him into our world. [risos]. I have Pirani as my little brother that I didn’t have”, concluded Deyverson.

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