Dorival says Arrascaeta will be even better for decision

After the 1-0 victory over Atlético-MG, for the 32nd round of the Brazilian Championship, Dorival Junior practically guaranteed that midfielder Arrascaeta will be on the field for Flamengo in the final of the Copa do Brasil. The coach spoke today (15), at a press conference at Maracanã.

With one pubalgia, the player is receiving special attention from the club’s technical committee to be able to enter the field on Wednesday (19), at 21:45. According to the commander, the expectation is that he will be at his peak for the big decision of the Copa do Brasil, in Maracanã.

“These players have participated directly in most games and always at a high level. Fabrício, Victor Hugo, Matheuzinho, Cebolinha, in addition to the others who contributed to the fit. I’m sure Arrascaeta will be very well for Wednesday’s game, I’m not sure doubts. It will be even better than in the previous game, the confidence is great and the work is in that sense: for him to be in the best condition and help us in the best way”, he amended.

The triumph against Galo with the reserve team was also highly praised by Dorival. The coach valued the triumph that left Rubro-Negro in third place, with 55 points.

“Important result against a team that competes directly with us. For everything that happened, we played a very safe match. At first, a different game, with more possession. In the second half, Atlético had this possession, but rarely got infiltrations. We defended well and were ready to counterattack and try to kill the game, but we didn’t do well on the last pass. I’m happy with the attitude of the team and the way we play. very good level even facing problems”, he commented.

strength of the squad

We’ve demonstrated that in every game. Physically, the team is giving a very good response, both Wednesday and Sunday. We feel the strength and delivery of our group. It’s a show of fellowship, where everyone is taken advantage of. João came and played very well today. We want that, everyone remaining in a position to respond when asked. Football can take you by surprise and the athlete needs to be in the best possible condition. We seek this, to make the athlete confident and secure to develop his best. We had an entire bench at the base, which is slowly going up. It’s a team that was very interesting with all the players that are now part of our group and even so there is a renewal thanks to the great work done by the base. Who knows, in a little while giving an even safer answer.

Play on the sides

It depends a lot on the character of the players. We had Matheuzinho on the right and Victor on the left. We had some behaviors displayed in training and we managed to apply some of them, especially in the first stage. You have a team with a trait, but that can change over the course of the match. We had that against Corinthians with some players, but sometimes we don’t realize what happens. It really was more inside Wednesday and more on the sides today. There are still possibilities to be inside with both teams and outside with both teams.

Importance of David Luiz

David regained the pleasure and confidence of acting. He knows the importance within our group, he is a captain without the armband. His posture is that of a captain. He has players who don’t need the armband to make a difference. He is a very high level player, with the formation completed in Europe, he knows when to release a pass or leave the game in cadence. He is a midfielder playing as a defender. He finds breaking passes, depth, he finds the best moment to start creation. Almost complete player for this ability.

Rodrigo Caio’s foul

We have five defenders of the highest level, who give us security and confidence. The sequence of games itself was fundamental for them to develop their best. The expectation now is for Rodrigo to return. I don’t think I need to say anything, you know what he represents. There is a history in the club and it needs to be respected.

Cebolinha’s first goal at Maracanã

It has a unique feature. I have no doubt that it will still evolve a lot. He hasn’t been acting that often and is rescuing his best moment. I’m not afraid to say that, maybe by the end of the year, we’ll have the best of Everton. There are several players that take a while to get into the best condition and establish themselves within the club. He is dedicating himself and delivering a lot in training for this better condition.

Change from first to second half

By the volume of the first half it was expected that something would happen. I held the boys who came in, it’s an exhibition. We still don’t know what their response will be. Perhaps, in Brazil, he is one of those who most likes to work with the base, but care is needed. In the second, the intention was to give the ball to Atlético. We weren’t happy with the final pass to get in front of the goal. It was a predicted situation, we wouldn’t have possession of the ball, but we would be ready for him to have the space. Luck and wisdom were lacking to attack correctly in those moments, despite having created the best chance at that moment, Our goal was well protected.

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