Find out what happened to Marilyn Monroe’s mother in real life

The film has generated numerous controversies, among them mixing fictional and real facts in its narrative.

“Blonde”, a Netflix movie starring Ana de Armas (“The Hidden Agent”), has been causing controversy since its debut. The fact that the production is based on a book that has a fictional view of the icon’s life made people question what really happened to the characters portrayed there, among them Gladys Pearl Bakermother of Marilyn Monroe (“Men Prefer Blondes”).

The production in its first act portrays the childhood of Marilyn Monroe with your mother. In it we see how the actress had a complicated youth, with her mother portrayed as an unstable person.

The film recounts disturbing moments from his childhood, such as when Gladys try to drown monroe in a bathtub, or when she’s driving a car, with the girl inside, right in the middle of a forest fire. However, it needs to be clarified that there are differences between Gladys in the movie and real life.

It is true that the mother of the actress had an unstable mental health, having been diagnosed with schizophrenia. However, “Blonde” makes the dangerous decision to create situations between Norma Jeane (real name of Marilyn Monroe) and her mother, since, there is no evidence, witnesses or information that is has driven the actress towards a fire or tried to drown her.

In real life, Norma Jeane was the third child of Gladys Pearl Baker and throughout the actress’ youth, her mother’s mental health problems worsened, leading to Marilyn being placed in foster care. After a violent nervous breakdown, Baker was hospitalized for several years. Her mother’s unstable frame took Marilyn Monroe tell the audience that she was an orphan, despite her mother still being alive and her father’s identity unknown. Eventually, a gossip columnist discovered that Baker was actually alive and that Monroe was not an orphan. When the news of the actress’s true past broke, Baker suffered another nervous breakdown and was re-hospitalized in a psychiatric institution. It is important to clarify, however, that the actress always continued to financially help her mother by giving her a monthly allowance and after her death left her a trust fund of one hundred thousand dollars.

the portrait of Gladys Pearl Baker in the long he leaves aside great aspects of his life. These changes aren’t just limited to Monroe’s relationship with her mother. The film and novel are based around altering, embellishing, or fabricating aspects of the actress’ life around her relationships, pregnancy, and hardships.

The director himself Andrew Dominik (“The Assassination of Jesse James’), said that “Blonde” is not an accurate production, stating that “it’s all fiction anyway, in my opinion”, a dangerous line because we are facing a film that mixes real and fictional events.


The work is based on the homonymous book written by Joyce Carol Oatesand it is a speculation of the life of Norma Jeane Mortenson (Ana de Armas) until it becomes a sex symbolactress and model marylin monroein the 1950s and 60s. A reimagined story of the star’s private life.

The film is a fictionalized portrait of her life, told through the modern lens of celebrity culture. oates said he saw a cut and called the feature “amazing, brilliant” and “very disturbing”. Saying it’s “a totally feminist interpretation”.

To complete the cast of the biopic, they joined together with Ana de Armas, Bobby Cannavale as Joe DiMaggiothe actress’ second husband; Xavier Samuelas Charlie Chaplin Jr.; Evan Williams as Edward G. Robinson; and Adrien Brodyin the role of Arthur Millerthe star’s third and final husband. sfor Paxton (“Aquamarine”) completes the cast as the Mrs. flynnthe housekeeper of Marilyn and responsible for finding her almost lifeless body in the bedroom.

After a delay, “Blonde” hit Netflix on September 28.

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