Flamengo reserve reveals the decadence of Atlético-MG

What happened to Atlético-MG, Brazilian champion and last year’s Copa do Brasil champion and Libertadores semifinalist? No other team, not even Jorge Jesus’ magic Flamengo, has come so close to the Royal Triple Crown in our football. How has such a dominant cast, reinforced in the current season, dropped so much in production? In seventh place in the table, he is in serious danger of not even winning a spot in the Libertadores in 2023, the year of the inauguration of his arena.

The defeat to the reserves of Flamengo, at Maracanã, was emblematic. Atlético de Cuca plays less than Turco Mohamed, who was unable to reproduce the overwhelming football of 2021. Is the problem just the work of the coaches? Hard to believe. The impression that remains is that there is something more serious behind the scenes at Galo Mineiro, which was boosted last year by the four “erres”, patrons of the club, and which now sees SAF as the only solution to its chaotic financial situation.

On the red-black side, the victory can be credited to an almost perfect performance of its defensive system and the good performance of Éverton Cebolinha, author of the decisive goal, who has been gradually improving his performance – still far from what he was capable of with the Grêmio shirt and the Brazilian team.

Santos (who made at least three great saves), Varela (very well, defensively), Fabrício Bruno (perfect in the defense and author of the perfect launch for Cebolinha’s goal), Pablo (another who wasted security), Ayrton Lucas (well in defense and in supporting the attack) and João Gomes (as usual, monstrous in the marking) formed a practically impregnable line, despite the great pressure from Atlético.

From the middle to the front, only Cebolinha stood out. Although Dorival Júnior demands that he, like Marinho, act exaggeratedly open on the wing and always retreat to act as an auxiliary wing. Contrary to what he does in the “Team of the Cups”, in Menguinho, the coach flirts with the positional attack, which refers to the not so homesick Paulo Souza and handles his two best strikers. Go understand why…

In any case, the victory was great to boost the morale of Flamengo’s group for Wednesday’s game, when they will decide the Copa do Brasil, against Corinthians, with a team made up of players who were not even on the bench against Atletico Mineiro.

Speaking of Timão, the postponement of their game against Goiás can only be seen as a joke (in bad taste), due to the fact that the State Public Ministry prohibited the presence of the São Paulo fans, in Serrinha. When the same thing happened in São Paulo and Flamengo couldn’t have any fans, against Palmeiras, at Allianz, nobody said anything…

Our football is a tremendous mess. It is hard, but it is necessary to verify this.

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