Flying car is close to becoming a reality and could arrive in Brazil in 2026 – 10/15/2022

The future is getting closer and closer to us. Bet on the maximum because by the air this has already become reality. The Chinese company Xpeng carried out the first public flight of its flying car. The model known as the Xpeng X2 had a demonstration in the United Arab Emirates. The action is part of the Chinese electric vehicle launch strategy.

The Xpeng X2 has space for two people and has eight engines with propellers that propel the car upwards. There are two driving modes: automatic and manual. The test lasted about 90 minutes over the skies over Dubai.

The flying car reaches a speed of 130 km/h and weighs 560 kg without passengers on board. The vehicle can take off with up to 200 kg of extra weight.

About 150 people, invited, witnessed the first flight of the Xpeng flying car. The positive part is that as it is an electric car, there is no emission of polluting gases.

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The idea is to launch the vehicle for shorter journeys. During the test, however, there was no crew on board. XPeng AeroHT general manager Minguan Qiu told Reuters the company is targeting international markets. “We selected Dubai first because it is the most innovative city in the world,” he stated.

In Brazil, Embraer’s subsidiary, Eve Air Mobility, estimates that the eVTOL will come into operation in the year 2026.

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