Fortaleza beats America away from home and touches the G8 of the Brasileirão

Fortaleza won crucial points for the 32nd round of the Brasileirão today (10). Playing away from home against América-MG, Leão do Pici won 2-1, with two goals from Galhardo – which would be three if one was not annulled by an offside – and leaned against the G8, with the right to expulsion and drama in the minutes finals. Wellington Paulista scored, from a penalty, for the home team.

Let it arrive… it arrived!

With the result, Fortaleza goes to ninth place, with 44 points and, thus, is just one behind América-MG, in eighth place. Who keeps an eye on this result is Botafogo, which can enter the classification zone for the Pré-Libertadores if they win in the table.

Next Saturday, Coelho welcomes Flamengo at 7 pm (Brasilia time). Fortaleza will return to the field on Monday, at 8 pm, when they receive Atlético-MG at Castelão.

At Galhardo’s feet, Leão takes the lead

Fortaleza started the match in attack. At three minutes into the game, Robson received a launch inside the area, killed him in the chest and kicked. The striker, however, stopped in defense of Cavichioli. Then, Juninho Capixaba took a free kick in the eighth minute, but missed the target.

The home team responded with a header by Matheusinho, in the 14th minute, but was stopped by goalkeeper Fernando Miguel, and a kick by Henrique Almeida four minutes later, out. In the 28th minute of the first half, Pedro Rocha got a good chance for the visitors with a kick from outside the area. The ball deflected in the marking and passed the side of the post.

The first goal of the match came in the 33rd minute of the first half. In a counterattack, Thiago Galhardo received a pass from Pedro Rocha, in the back of the defense, and hit low, crossed, to open the score for Fortaleza. In a first-time shot, the forward sent the ball at the foot of the post, out of reach of Cavichioli. The first half had no other goals.


Galhardo shone in Fortaleza’s victory over América-MG


Another one from Galhardo and emotion until the end

At the return of the break, América-MG started to look for the attacking field more in search of reaction, but the game did not have many great chances. The match got hotter and, thus, Caio Alexandre received two yellow cards and left the northeast team lacking.

Matheusinho, from América-MG, is disarmed during a game against Fortaleza - Fernando Moreno/AGIF - Fernando Moreno/AGIF

Matheusinho, from América-MG, is disarmed during a game against Fortaleza

Image: Fernando Moreno/AGIF

Even with one less, however, Fortaleza scored first in the second half. In the 37th minute, Thiago Galhardo received a pass from Romarinho in the midfield, snatched from the back of the mark and hit Cavichioli’s exit to extend the score.

Thiago Galhardo returned to score three minutes later, when he deflected on top of the line after a cavadinha by Juninho Capixaba. However, the striker was offside and thus ended up “taking a goal” from his teammate.

América-MG did not give up and made Galhardo’s disallowed goal appear to be missed by the visitors. That’s because Mastriani was fouled in the area in the 45th minute and the referee awarded a penalty. Wellington Paulista converted the charge and put the home team back in the game. With the discount, the hosts pressed until the last bid and almost won the tie. The match, however, ended in a Northeastern victory.

Caio Alexandre, from Fortaleza, protects the ball during a match against América-MG - Alessandra Torres/AGIF - Alessandra Torres/AGIF

Caio Alexandre, from Fortaleza, protects the ball during a match against América-MG

Image: Alessandra Torres/AGIF



Place: Arena Independência, in Belo Horizonte (MG)

Date: October 15, 2022 (Saturday)

Time: 20:30 (from Brasilia)

Referee: Vinicius Gonçalves Dias Araujo (SP)

Assistants: Fabrini Bevilaqua Costa (Fifa-SP) and Daniel Luis Marques (SP)

VAR: Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos (FIFA-SP)

Yellow cards: Henrique Almeida (AME) Tinga, Romarinho and Caio Alexandre (2x) (FOR)

red cards: Gaius Alexander (FOR)


America-MG: Wellington Paulista (45?, Q2)

Strength: Thiago Galhardo (33?, Q1 and 37?, Q2)

AMERICA-MG: Matheus Cavichioli; Luan Patrick, Ricardo Silva, Éder and Marlon (Danilo Avelar); Juninho (Wellington Paulista), Alê and Matheusinho; Felipe Azevedo (Aloísio), Henrique Almeida (Mastriani) and Gustavinho (Benítez).

Technician: Vagner Mancini

STRENGTH: Fernando Miguel; Tinga, Brítez, Titi and Juninho Capixaba; Zé Welison, Caio Alexandre and Hercules (Ronald); Pedro Rocha (Romarinho) (Habraão), Robson (Lucas Crispim) and Thiago Galhardo (Moisés).

Technician: Juan Pablo Vojvoda

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