Galaxy Watch: Which Samsung Watches Have Drop Detection and SOS?

Smart watches have gained the attention of technology users for bringing functions connected directly to the wrist, extending the experience present in smartphones. In addition, wearables are also important for healthas they provide reports on the body and can track physical activities.

However, top-of-the-line models from brands such as Samsung also have security tools interesting. The latest in the range Galaxy Watch count on fall detection and SOSwhich can be useful for the elderly or in accident situations.

If you’re thinking of getting a Samsung smartwatch with drop detection and SOS, check out our special on how to use Samsung’s device tools.

Which Galaxy Watch watches have drop detection and SOS

The functions of emergency call and fall detection became standard on the Galaxy Watch 5 lineup, but are also available on previous Samsung handsets thanks to an update released by the brand.

Check out the list of Samsung smartwatches with SOS and drop detection below, in a list sent by Samsung to TecMundo:

  • Galaxy Watch3
  • Galaxy Watch Active2
  • Galaxy Watch4
  • Galaxy Watch4 Classic
  • Galaxy Watch5
  • Galaxy Watch5 Pro

The tools can be used and configured on the watches in conjunction with an Android or iOS cell phone, in the official application for each system (Galaxy Wearable or Galaxy Watch, respectively. It is important to note, however, that a better user experience will be available if the devices are used with Samsung cell phones — some customization features, for example, can only be accessed through the Galaxy Store, exclusive to the South Korean brand’s mobile devices.

How does it work and how to enable drop detection?


The drop detection of Samsung watches can identify when the wearer has fallen or has been hit hard and is immobile for a certain period of time. The smartwatch will display a pop-up window, as well as sound and vibration, indicating that it will send an alert signal to user-defined contacts.

If the user does not respond after 60 seconds, the alert is issued to the contacts registered in the application, with a call and also the location in real time. For the solution to work, the device must be connected to the cell phone, especially if it does not have LTE function.

How to configure drop detection

1 – Access the Galaxy Wearable app on Android
2 – Enter the “Clock Settings” option
3 – Click on the “Security and Emergency” option
4 – Select the option “Detection of strong fall” and follow the step by step to add contacts.

Although Samusng currently works with Wear OS and Tizen OS on its watches, the company claims that the experience of setting up and operating drop detection is similar on both platforms. That is, activation happens in both ecosystems in a similar way.

How to use the emergency call (SOS)

In addition to drop detection, Samsung watches also have an SOS calling solution. The solution, which also works together with the cell phone, allows the user to make an emergency call with the press of a button, facilitating contact with people in critical situations.

After configuring emergency contacts in the Galaxy Wearable app, the emergency call can be triggered by the user by pressing the “Home” button on the watch, present on the side of the device. When the button is pressed three or four times repeatedly, the alert is sent to the registered numbers.

If the user unintentionally sends an alert, it is possible to close it through the smart watch screen. In this case, just click on the SOS notification and press for the smartwatch to stop alerting.

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