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With a captive spot in the G-4 of the Brasileirão throughout almost the entire championship, Fluminense dropped in the table by the three consecutive defeats and now occupies fifth place with 51 points. Therefore, the away game against Avaí, next Sunday, at 19:00 (Brasília time), could be a watershed for the Tricolor.

In addition to trying to reverse the record of only one victory in the last five games against the opponent, the three points in Ressacada can mean a comeback for the complicated clashes of Corinthians, Flamengo and Athletico-PR in the round.

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Arias in action against Avaí, in the first round — Photo: André Durão

The sequel is not encouraging. even more for one twisted who got used to the full functioning of “Dinizismo” throughout the year. In the last three games, there were three defeats: two as a visitor – for Atlético-MG and Atlético-GO -, and one in Maracanã, against America-MG.

On Sunday, the opponent of the time has been a thorn in the side of Fluminense lately. Despite the victory in the first round (2-0 at Maracanã), the record of the last five games has only this solitary triumph against three defeats and a draw.

See the goals of the victory over Avaí in the 1st round

See the goals of the victory over Avaí in the 1st round

If the cut refers to the duels in Ressacada, in the last four matches, the record is similar: it had a 3-0 win and a 1-1 draw, in the 2017 and 2019 Brazilians, respectively; and two 1-0 defeats, one in the 2015 Serie A and the other in the 2018 Copa do Brasil.

Although it is the runner-up in the Brasileirão, Avaí gave work to the best placed teams in the competition. In the current season, the Santa Catarina team took points from Palmeiras (2-2), Internacional (0-0), Corinthians (1-1) and Athletico-PR (1-1), for example. Of all these, only the draw against the Colorados was not in Ressacada.

Here are the results of the five most recent matches between Fluminense and Avaí:

See the goals of Fluminense's last victory in Ressacada

See the goals of Fluminense’s last victory in Ressacada

This upcoming duel between the two teams is of paramount importance for Fernando Diniz’s team. With Palmeiras one step away from winning the Brazilian, Fluminense’s fight became the permanence in the G-4 to guarantee presence in the 2023 Libertadores group stage without depending on other combinations, such as direct spots via G-5 and G-6 depending on the champions of the Copa do Brasil and the South American tournament itself.

And the round, in theory, is “perfect” to enter the front pack and relieve the pressure of the latest results. That’s because the competitors for the first four positions of the Brasileirão face complicated matches this weekend, either because of the circumstances or the difficulty of the confrontations.

Dryer on in search of G-4

In front of Tricolor, are Corinthians and Flamengo – both focused on the decision of the Copa do Brasil, next Wednesday. Therefore, the expectation is that the two teams will play with the alternative teams this weekend.

Corinthians travels to duel against a Goiás that needs to add points to enter the South American classification zone. Flamengo, even playing at Maracanã, receives Atlético-MG complete with the return of Hulk and Mariano from injury. The match will be decisive for the Minas Gerais team that still dreams of a place in the pre-Libertadores.

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Athletico-PR, the team that comes right behind Fluminense in the table, will not have an easy life either. At Arena da Baixada, the team will play a classic against Coritiba, which is one of the teams on the rise in this final stretch: there are three wins in the last five games – Hurricane, for example, has only one in the same period.

Mathematically, it is still difficult to ensure that Tricolor will have a guaranteed presence in the group stage of the next Libertadores. But for that, the main focus from now on will be to win the remaining seven games, starting with Avaí, this Sunday, at 19h. And, of course, drying up rivals who pursue the same goal.

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