Karoline Lima says Éder Militão sought her out and said he did not know about the pension process

Karoline Lima found out that Éder Militão had sued her again on social media. In a first moment, the influencer sought to know if the story was true to express a deeper opinion. This Saturday (15), Karol used Instagram Stories to update followers about the case.

In the new process, Éder Militão claims he can only pay R$ 6 thousand in child support, Cecilia. In addition, the player claims that he was taken by surprise by the pregnancy of Karoline Lima, something that had already been proven otherwise by the influencer herself.

After the process was leaked, Éder Militão began to receive several criticisms on social networks. The first is because the player has a salary of R$ 36 million per year and wants to pay only R$ 6 thousand per month. Another fact that generated criticism of the player was the leak of prints of a conversation he asked Karol to remove the IUD and promising to be a good father to their child.

Éder Militão seeks Karoline Lima

After all the negative repercussions for Éder Militão, the player decided to look for Karoline Lima. According to the influencer spoke on social media this Saturday, the athlete said he did not know about this second process and wanted to resolve everything between the two. This is the second lawsuit brought by Éder against Karol. In the first of them, the influencer was still pregnant when she was taken to court.

“Even after putting me in court, he came to me. To try to resolve everything directly with me, something I had been trying to do for two months and never had success. daughter and leave me alone,” Karol began.

“According to him, he didn’t know what was written in the process, he didn’t authorize it, he wasn’t aware. Personally I think that no lawyer creates a case for a client. Lawyer, no, lawyer, it was a woman. Amazing,” he continued.

“I’ll try to understand what the next steps are, what he wants to offer his daughter. I’ve already authorized my legal counsel to move everything they can against him. But I’m willing to do everything in peace”, concluded Karol.

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