Learn how to transcribe WhatsApp audio automatically

WhatsApp is one of the main tools used for communication between people today. The messenger offers several ways to maintain a conversation with contacts, and one of them, which is widely used, is audio recording.

Although it is a practical way for the person sending the message, often the receiver cannot hear it immediately, which prevents a faster and more practical dialogue between the parties involved.

Therefore, there are tools that allow automatic transcription of audio to text, which can be read quickly.

Audio Transcription on WhatsApp

Since text messages can be viewed more directly and objectively, transcribing an audio can help people who don’t have time, or who can’t hear the voice messages sent by WhatsApp.

Rumor has it that Meta is developing a tool for this within the messenger itself. But while the novelty does not officially arrive, there are some application options for those who want to transcribe the audios.


One of the available options is ViraTexto, developed by the companies Take Blip and Stilingue, which offers automatic transcriptions of audios within the WhatsApp platform through a smart contact.

To use the tool, you need to add the contact (31) 97228-0540 and start a conversation. To proceed, it is important to read the conditions of the submitted term. When you agree, just send the audio you want to transcribe to the tab of that conversation and that’s it.

The service allows the transcription of audios up to 4 minutes long for free.


Transcriber is an application available for Android that performs audio transcription. To use the tool, it’s simple.

  • Select the audio you want to transcribe;
  • Click on the “…”;
  • Tap share and search for the app in the list;
  • Select the “Transcribe” option and confirm with “Ok”.

After that, just wait for the application to perform the transcription. The extracted message will be displayed in another window.


Trasncrypto is an option similar to previous apps and helps those who use iPhone. To use the service is also simple:

  • Select the audio you want to transcribe;
  • Click on “Forward”;
  • Tap share and search for the app in the list;
  • Select the transcription language and click on “Transcribe”. The text message will appear just below.

It is important to note that this platform only allows the transcription of audios that are 1 minute long.

These are some options that can make life easier for those who don’t like listening to audio or don’t have time for it.

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