PF arrests Danny Boy, accused of being part of the gang of Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, Pharaoh of Bitcoins | Rio de Janeiro

The Federal Police (PF) arrested, this Sunday afternoon (16), Daniel Aleixo Guimarães, known as Danny Boy, in Praça Bandeira, North Zone of Rio.

Danny Boy has a warrant for his arrest issued by the 3rd Federal Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro. He is accused of being part of the criminal organization headed by Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the Pharaoh of Bitcoins, who is currently in prison and indicted for money laundering.

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According to investigations by the PF and the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), Danny Boy started as one of the consultants at GAS Consultoria, Glaidson’s company for investments in cryptocurrencies. Over time, he gained the group’s trust and went on to head up Bitcoin Pharaoh’s security.

Investigations show that Danny Boy began performing personal services for Glaidson. According to the MPF’s complaint, Danny Boy was “a fundamental link for the constitution of a private militia, acting in the preservation of Glaidson’s interests” and being ahead of GAI (Gestão de Apoio e Inteligência), another company of the group.

Danny Boy was also denounced by the State Public Ministry of RJ for the murder of Wesley Pessano Santarém and the attempted murder of Adeilson José da Costa Júnior, on April 4, 2021, in São Pedro da Aldeia. According to the process at the 2nd Criminal Court of São Pedro da Aldeia, the crimes were committed at the behest of Glaidson.

Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, the “pharaoh of bitcoins”, at the time he was consulting on cryptocurrencies — Photo: Reproduction

He also acts, according to the PF and MPF, as one of those responsible for logistics for Glaidson and his wife, Mirelis. Daniel even structured the GAI in an attempt, according to the MPF, to formalize transport of values ​​and security for Glaidson.

In this company, according to the MPF, Danny Boy’s role included “nurturing relationships with corrupt agents of public security agencies, which guaranteed him to draw attention and gain proximity to Glaidson”.

In two moments, according to the PF and the MPF, Daniel Aleixo Guimarães gained importance in the criminal organization because of these relationships with security agents.

The first time, when the Federal Police seized R$7 million in a helicopter in Búzios, which was heading for São Paulo, Danny Boy received a call from a retired federal delegate who offered to help if the money was from Glaidson.

The message was forwarded to the Pharaoh of Bitcoins, who rejected the help and denied that the money was his. But the PF investigation indicates that the values ​​belonged to Glaidson.

In a second opportunity, Danny Boy, according to the MPF, is suspected of being responsible for structuring a bribe payment scheme to civil police officers in Rio de Janeiro. The idea was that operations would be carried out to repress Glaidson’s competitors in the cryptocurrency market.

Daniel Aleixo Guimarães was taken to the PF Superintendence, in Praça Mauá, downtown Rio, and from there to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) for a forensic examination. From there, he will be sent to the prison system in Rio.

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