PSG vs Olympique de Marseille LIVE (1-0) | 10/16/2022

17:20 7 minutes ago


Defender Gigot missed Neymar and received a direct red card.

17:197 minutes ago

70′ Changes in Marseille

17:1412 minutes ago

65′ Yellow

Mbappe received a pass inside the area and finished, but without danger.

17:10 16 minutes ago


Mbappe found Verratti and the Italian hit the goal. Pau Lopez held on without problems.

17:02 25 minutes ago


Mbemba tried the bicycle inside the area, but without danger to PSG’s goal.

17:00 26 minutes ago


Alexis Sánchez received a pass and hit. Donnarumma made a good save.

16:50 36 minutes ago


PSG beat Marseille 1-0.

16:34 an hour ago


PSG 1-0 Marseille.

16:32 an hour ago


Vitinha stole the ball in midfield and Mbappe kept it. The Frenchman dominated, faced the marking and found Neymar in the middle, who finished with the first shot in the left corner of goalkeeper Pau Lopez. The ball still hit the post before dying in the back of the goal.

16:31 an hour ago


Let’s go to 48 minutes.

16:29 an hour ago


Messi pulled the counterattack through the middle and activated Mbappe on the left, who finished with the first shot looking for the angle. The ball went too high.

16:24 an hour ago


Veretour finished from afar, but the ball went too high.

16:20 an hour ago


Messi took a free-kick from the edge of the area and the ball exploded on the crossbar.

16:17 an hour ago


Nuno Tavares released a rocket with his right foot. Donnarumma sent it to a corner.

16:11 an hour ago


Nuno Tavares made a good play on the left, entered the area and hit a cross, but without danger.

16:09 an hour ago

24′ Change at PSG

16:09 an hour ago


Danilo Pereira will not continue. PSG replacement comes.

16:08 an hour ago


In a counterattack with speed, Harit received in the middle and finished, but without strength for the defense of Donnarumma.

16:07 an hour ago


Neymar took a free-kick in the area and the defense cleared it.

16:05 an hour ago


In a counterattack with speed, Messi found Neymar, who sent it to Mbappe inside the area on the left. The Frenchman finished first in the right corner and Pau Lopez performed a miracle.

16:01 an hour ago


Clauss advanced on the right, entered the area and crossed low. Alexis Sánchez arrived late on the ball.

15:59 an hour ago


Rongier crossed on the right and Guendouzi finished with the first shot, without danger to PSG’s goal.

15:57 an hour ago


Marseille starts to leave more of the defensive field.

15:512 hours ago


PSG started the game on pressure.

15:512 hours ago


Neymar launched Mbappe down the left, who dominated and found Hakimi alone inside the area. The side fixed it and finished on top of Pau Lopez. What a chance PSG missed.

15:502 hours ago


Bailly fumbled and Messi got the ball. The Argentine took it inside the area and finished in the left corner, but Pau Lopez made a good save.

15:482 hours ago


It’s Ligue 1 at VAVEL Brazil.

15:01 2 hours ago

Marseille set!

15:00 2 hours ago

PSG defined!

22:24 19 hours ago

When is the PSG vs Olympique de Marseille match and how to follow LIVE?

22:19 19 hours ago

How and where to watch PSG vs Olympique de Marseille live

In addition to real time here at VAVEL Brasil, the match between PSG vs Olympique de Marseille will be broadcast live on Star+.

22:14 19 hours ago

Speak, Galtier!

22:09 19 hours ago

Likely PSG!

Donnarumma; Mukiele, Marquinhos, Danilo Pereira; Hakimi, Vitinha, Verratti, Bernat; Messi, Neymar, Mabppe.

22:04 19 hours ago

How does PSG arrive?

PSG remain undefeated this season. In the last game, they drew in Paris with Benfica for the Champions League and missed the chance to take the isolated leadership of the group. Neymar and co.’s team has been unbeaten for 28 games, a mark that has generated excitement among the club’s fans.

21:59 19 hours ago


In the last 20 games in the derby, PSG have a wide advantage. The Paris team won 16 matches, while Olympique de Marseille only won one, while there were three draws.

21:54 20 hours ago

Probable Olympique de Marseille!

Pau Lopez; Mbemba, Gigot, Balerdi; Jonathan Clauss, Rongier, Veretout, Nuno Tavares; Gundouzi, Harit, Alexeis Sanchez.

21:49 20 hours ago

How does Olympique de Marseille arrive?

Olympique de Marseille beat Sporting in the last game, in a clash valid for the Champions League. But, the team lost to Ajaccio in the last game of Ligue 1 and dropped to fourth place, where they played point-to-point with the leaders PSG.

21:44 20 hours ago


21:39 20 hours ago


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