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Rayssa Leal, Pamela Rosa and Gabi Mazetto will represent Brazil in the final of the STU Open Rio. In addition to them, Marina Gabriela was also among the finalists. Rounding out the list of eight finalists are Australian Chloe Covell, Wenhui Zeng, Lore Bruggman and Natalia Munoz.

Rayssa Leal at the STU Open Rio — Photo: Clara Casé

O sportv broadcasts the finals of the STU Open Rio this Sunday. You can also follow it in real time on ge.globo.

The crowd from Praça Do Ó was very excited with the Brazilians, but especially with Pela Rosa and Rayssa Leal. Both finished in 1st and 2nd place respectively.

Also noteworthy is the 12-year-old Australian, Chloe Covell, who managed to compete in the heads with Pam and Rayssa. Chloe finished in 3rd place and also advanced to the final.

Chloe Covell at STU Open Rio — Photo: Clara Casé

In the first heat, the best placed was the Brazilian Carla Karolina. The Alagoas player added 11.16 points and forwarded her classification to the final of the tournament. The skater scored her score in the final two maneuvers. Carla celebrated the result in the semifinals and confessed that she had to improvise to increase her score.

– I hadn’t trained boardslide on that handrail. But I went there and got it right – explained the skater.

Carla Karolina at the STU Open Rio — Photo: Clara Casé

The second heat brought the greatest talents of Brazilian skateboarding. Rayssa Leal, Pamela Rosa and Gabi Mazetto entered the track to compete in the semifinals. In addition to them, the Australian Chloe Covell and the Chinese Wenhui Zeng stand out.

Right on her first lap, Rayssa had a perfect performance. The Maranhense raised the Praça Do Ó. In her first maneuver, Rayssa couldn’t get it right, but in her second, she nailed and lifted the audience. The Skate Fairy missed her third attempt, but on the fourth she got it right and secured first place towards the championship final.

Pamela Rosa also did very well on her first lap, winning over the public. The two-time world champion sent a good maneuver right away. On her second attempt, Pamela tried a more daring maneuver and ended up missing. The third attempt still hasn’t been the one where Pamela hit the bigspin on the bigger handrail. Pam opted for a simpler maneuver on her penultimate attempt to score points in the standings. On the last try, she finally hit the bigspin on the bigger handrail and sealed her ranking.

Aussie Chloe Covell rocked on her first lap using several switch elements, a differential for the skater. In her first maneuver, she launched a kickflip down the highest staircase in the STU. The Australian seemed to have no room for error, already in her second maneuver she scored another good score and basically secured her spot in the final. Chloe finished in 3rd place overall.

Gabi Mazetto had two laps with small errors, even so, the Brazilian got a good score. The São Paulo woman hit her first maneuver from the highest handrail, but, in the second maneuver, she was unable to complete it, the same happened with the third maneuver. In the penultimate attempt, Gabi had a good grade that placed her among the eight classified.

Gabi Mazetto at STU Open Rio. — Photo: Clara Case

Brazil has x representatives in the men’s finals

In the men’s dispute, Brazil classified 6 representatives for the final of the tournament. Kelvin Hoefler, João Lucas Alves, Filipe Mota, Goivanni Vianna, Ivan Monteiro and Gabryel Aguilar compete in the final of the STU Open Rio this Sunday.

Kelvin Hoefler at the STU Open Rio — Photo: Clara Casé

Highlight for Filipe Mota’s semifinal. The youngest Brazilian made his debut in professional championships in Brazil at the age of 16. The skater scored two above nine points in his tricks, a 9.13 and a 9.20. Mota said he was very excited to return to Brazil after spending four years in the US. For the skater, the strength of the crowd made the difference in his performance.

– The vibe of the guys here is very different. I had already forgotten what it was like. And doing two “nine clubs” here moved me a lot. I’m very happy. And thank you very much to everyone who supported me – celebrated Mota.

Filipe Mota passes the 9-point barrier at STU

Filipe Mota passes the 9-point barrier at STU

Filipe was the best placed Brazilian with 26.27 points in the 1st position of the heat. In second place was Ivan Monteiro and completing the “podium” of the semis, Kelvin Hoefler. The best placed gringo was Jake Ilardi in 5th place with 24.94 points.

See the complete women’s ranking

1st – Rayssa Leal (BRA) – 19.74
2nd – Pamela Rosa (BRA) – 19.17
3rd – Chloe Covell (AUS) – 15.77
4th – Wehui Zeng (CHN) – 12.8
5th – Gabriela Mazetto (BRA) – 12.63
6th – Marina Gabriela (BRA) – 11.48
7th – Lore Bruggman (BEL) – 11.46
8th – Nataliz Munoz (ESP) – 11.44

See the complete women’s ranking

1st – Filipe Mota (BRA) – 26.27
2nd – Ivan Monteiro (BRA) – 25.41
3rd – Kelvin Hoefler (BRA) – 11.25
4th – João Lucas Alves (BRA) – 05.25.
5th – Jake Ilardi (USA) – 24.94
6th – Giovanni Vianna (BRA) – 23.57
7th – Joseph Gabraccio (FRA) – 23.81
8th – Gabriel Aguilar (BRA) – 23.57

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