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Recently, the protagonist of black adam The Rock confirmed that he spent 6 years negotiating with Warner Bros. to bring Henry Cavill back, but he always heard “no” from the President of DC Films, who so far is Walter Hamada.

And according to information from Insider Daniel RPK and Vieweranon, the film’s remakes The Flash been happening in the last few weeks, and according to him, they are altering the ending of the movie, where Superman will appear in the film with Henry Cavill reprising the role of the Kryptonian.

Curiously, Henry Cavill was recently seen in Los Angeles, where reshoots of The Flash are taking place. In addition to the actor, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ben Affleck (Batman) were also seen in the city. Due to the actor’s possible new contract, the trinity of theaters will be back!

As you know, David Zaslav confirmed a plan for the DC Cinematic Universe for the next 10 years, and Alan Horn will be one of those responsible for the organization. Horn was director of operations at Warner from 1999-2011, a time of great successes such as the HP franchise and Nolan’s acclaimed Batman trilogy.

More details about the movie

The plot follows the time travel of Barry Allen/Flash to prevent the murder of his mother. However, when he returns to the present, his mother is still alive but the world is a nightmare. The Justice League doesn’t exist and Barry must do everything he can to fix things… or as close to it as possible.

the new movie from A.D Comics will be directed by Andy Muschiettiand the screenplay written by Christina Hodsonand including Ezra Miller leading the team of actors, the cast still has Michael Keaton and Ben Affleckboth interpreting their versions of Batman, Sasha Calle as supergirl and among others.

The Flash opens in cinemas in June 23, 2023.

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