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The cast consists of Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey, Jessie T. Usher and Samantha Morton.

The upcoming spin-off, Tales of the Walking Dead, will follow the Whisperers villain Alpha’s backstory and dramatically change the events of The Walking Dead.

For the first time in Season 9, The Walking Dead introduced us to its most horrific villain to date. Played by Samantha Morton, the leader of the Whisperers enjoys decapitating people and building a border fence with their heads. The antagonist may have been dead since Season 10, but Alpha is back once more for Tales of the Walking Dead.

The third part of the anthology spin-off will be entirely devoted to the backstory of Dee, who later becomes the dreaded Alpha. However, this will likely differ drastically from what we’ve already seen in The Walking Dead through flashbacks. Actress Samantha Morton also provides a logical explanation for this.

The Walking Dead Alpha’s Story Didn’t Happen That Way

“A mother thrives after she and her daughter flee violence and find refuge on a steamboat,” reads the episode’s official plot. The trailer and photos from the episode show the latest Whisperer with a full head of hair, which should immediately leave fans out of their minds. The Walking Dead suspicious.

Because in The Walking Dead season 9 we already know a lot about Alpha’s past in the form of flashbacks. Early in the zombie apocalypse, Dee, her daughter Lydia and her husband Frank found refuge in a basement, where they hid with other survivors. There, the situation worsened and Frank died. In the end, Dee shaved her head and left for the dangerous new world with her daughter.

Tales of the Walking Dead now explores what happened between that event and his first encounter with Beta. The fact that Dee is suddenly sporting long hair again is in direct contradiction to the events of The Walking Dead.

All of the flashbacks presented to us by The Walking Dead reflect Lydia’s childhood memories. And the series has already shown us that this is an extremely unreliable narrator. What we saw actually didn’t happen that way. So Tales of The Walking Dead shows the real, true story of how Dee became Alpha.

It is worth mentioning that the spin-off debuts on August 14 and has the cast formed by Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey, Jessie T. Usher and Samantha Morton.

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