The Walking Dead returns for final episodes in October; see trailer

In the package of the panel AMC at San Diego Comic-Conthe 11th (and final) season of The Walking Dead revealed a trailer packed with nostalgia, which recaps great moments from the series to date and reveals never-before-seen moments from the final episodes. The production still has revealed the return date for the third part of its final year: October 2nd. Watch the preview below.

The 11th season of The Walking Dead premiered in August of last year on AMC, but the 24 episodes were split into three parts, which means the grand finale was reserved precisely for 2022. The second installment premiered in February on AMC, while the last chapters still do not have a definitive release date.

In Brazil, the series is available on streaming Star+.

San Diego Comic-Con takes place between July 21 and 24 and has full coverage on the website, networks and channel of the Omelet.

The first day was already marked by news from Dungeons & Dragons, Teen Wolf and The legend of the lost treasurewhile convention Friday promises panels of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Poweranimations of marvel studios and The Walking Dead. Saturday, the busiest day of the event, will have panels from Warner Bros.and Marvel Studios.

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