Trick shows if the contact is online without having to access the conversation

It’s so annoying when you try to chat with someone via text, but they just ignore you. Do you have something important or even urgent to talk about? Do you prefer to send a message so as not to disturb the other who may be in an appointment? Learn to tell if a contact is online without having to join the conversation.

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It’s a very discreet way. So subtle that few people know! If you don’t want to enter the person’s conversation so you don’t run any risk of them noticing their presence, this exit is the best option for you. It’s another tip for those looking for alternative methods of anonymous and simple browsing.

online contact

You will be upset for not having discovered this sooner, after all, it is really embarrassing to have to keep opening the window with the other person all the time just to know if the contact is or not. online. The person will answer you right on time! It implies that you were there waiting all along. Complicated!

So this trick it’s for you to know if that specific individual has an open app. Unfortunately this is an exclusive way for WhatsApp Plus. It’s quite simple, but an external app is needed for that. Therefore, you should evaluate whether it is worth the risk of having a problem with your WhatsApp account due to misuse.

The platform does not recommend the use of external tools or that simulate actions within the messaging app. If you get caught doing this, you could even get banned from the Whatsapp. So, see if your contact is as worthwhile.

If you decide that yes, that is, that you will move on, then follow the step by step:

  • Step 1: The first thing you should know is that this feature is only found on WhatsApp Plus;
  • Step 2: You can download WhatsApp Plus APK;
  • Step 3: after that, you must enter your mobile number and verification code;
  • Step 4: now you just need to access the WhatsApp Plus settings;
  • Step 5: Go to “Privacy and Security”;
  • Step 6: you must activate “See who is online”;
  • Step 7: WhatsApp will be updated later;
  • Step 8: From now on, every time you log into WhatsApp Plus, you will be able to see not only the time of the last connection, but also who is “online”.

The best of everything? It’s pretty accurate.

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