Volleyball: Cruzeiro defeats Minas in the final and wins the Campeonato Mineiro for the 13th time in a row | volleyball

In five months, Cruzeiro and Minas met for the third time in a decision – before, they dueled for the Superliga and the Supercup. Now for the Campeonato Mineiro (and for the 13th time in a row at the State Championship), the script was the same: Cruzeiro champion, Minas runner-up.

Since 2010, the two teams have always played a leading role in the State’s decision. And always with the victory of Cruzeiro. In 2008, still like Betim, the celestial team took the first state title in its history, completing the 14 conquests. On Saturday night, in a single game at Ginásio do Riacho, in Contagem, Cruzeiro won by 3 sets to 0 (partials of 25/21, 25/18 and 28/26) and took Mineiro for the 14th time in history.

López celebrates Cruzeiro point with Wallace and Rodriguinho — Photo: Disclosure / Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro ended the campaign undefeated. There were nine victories, counting the six games of the classification phase and the two of knockout. The team lost only one set during the entire campaign.

Cruzeiro soon managed to open an advantage in the first set of the decision against Minas. The blue team ranged from three to four points ahead in the lead during the partial. Having a good performance in the attack, Cruzeiro closed the partial in 25 to 23, after a service trip by Honorato out.

In the second set, Cruzeiro again managed to break Minas’ pass line. Counting on Uriarte’s play variations and López’s strokes, the team soon opened 6-2 on the scoreboard. The advantage continued to be maintained by the current Brazilian and Minas Gerais champions and was increased in the final stretch, when the team managed to open seven points. In a service error by Marcos, the set was closed at 25 to 18.

Cruzeiro players celebrate a point against Minas – Photo: Disclosure / Sada Cruzeiro

The third set started more balanced and without Cruzeiro reaching a fat on the scoreboard. After reaching the equality of 5 to 5, Minas was the one who opened two points on the scoreboard. However, Minas could not hold the advantage for a long time, taking the turn from 10 to 9, at a point by López, who provoked after the bid, which caused him to receive a yellow card and generate discussion between the players of both teams.

Cruzeiro’s reaction stopped, however. With a sequence of good attacks, Minas once again opened the gap and reached 16 to 13. In the final stretch, Cruzeiro reacted, managed to equalize at 22 to 22 and turn the game around. The title point came on a serve point, which closed the third set at 28-26.

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