With one player less, Fortaleza beats América-MG away from home for Série A

Fortaleza won another important result in the Brazilian Championship. On Saturday night, the 15th, Leão do Pici visited América-MG, for the 32nd round, at Estádio Independência, in Minas Gerais, and won 2-1 with goals from Thiago Galhardo (2x) and Wellington Paulista, for the owners. of the House. With the result, the Ceará team broke the taboo of never having overcome Coelho playing away from home.

The game

Playing at home, América-MG started the match with a proposal to keep possession of the ball. However, the first clear goal opportunity came from Fortaleza, after three minutes. Robson received a great shot in the back of the defense, invaded the area, and finished strong, but the goalkeeper Cavichioli made a great save.

Three minutes later, it was Thiago Galhardo’s turn to bring danger to América-MG’s goal. The striker received a low cross from Tinga, advanced the mark and deflected it, but the ball went out through the back line.

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In the next move, the Rabbit reached the attack for the first time. Felipe Azevedo started from the left lane of the field and finished from afar. Attentive, Fernando Miguel defended calmly.

With the balance between the two teams, the scoring opportunities took a while to appear again. Just in the 28th minute, Pedro Rocha kicked from the middle and the ball passed over Cavichioli’s post.

Without much inspiration to create opportunities, Fortaleza turned to individual talent to open the scoring. Pedro Rocha took off at speed to pull a counterattack, and when he watched Thiago Galhardo’s movement, he touched the ball to the back of the defense. The striker reached the pass and kicked in the corner of Cavichioli to leave Leão in advantage.

In the final minutes of the first stage, América-MG had two opportunities, with Felipe Azevedo and Alê, to tie, but without success. In one of them, Fernando Miguel defended and in the other, the ball passed the side of the post.

Needing to run after the result, coach Vagner Mancini promoted two substitutions at halftime. Benitez and Mastriani took the place of Gustavinho and Henrique Almeida.

The changes had no effect and the game resumed at a slower pace than in the first half. Therefore, the two teams could not create clear chances and the goalkeepers did little work.

The first scoring opportunity came only in the 26th minute, and for the visiting team. Romarinho pulled the counterattack and threw in depth to Juninho Capixaba. The left-back dominated, invaded the area and kicked hard, but goalkeeper Cavichioli made a great intervention with an exchanged hand.

The hopes of América-MG fans were renewed in the 38th minute, when Caio Alexandre was sent off. The Fortaleza midfielder knocked Aloísio down in the attack field and received the second yellow card.

However, even so, Fortaleza managed to reach the second goal in the 38th minute. Romarinho spotted Thiago Galhardo free in the back of the defense and played for his teammate. Shirt 91 came face to face with the goalkeeper and kicked Cavichioli’s exit.

Minutes later, the team from Ceará reached the third goal, also with Thiago Galhardo, but the attacker was offside and the bid was annulled.

To give even more emotion to the game, in extra time the referee of the match gave a penalty to Coelho after Habraão’s foul on top of Mastriani. In the charge, Wellington Paulista did not hesitate and applied the law of the former.

The Minas Gerais team still looked for a tie, but Leão do Pici knew how to defend himself and secured the victory away from home. This was the first time that Fortaleza defeated América-MG playing in the visiting position.

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