★ Buy various accessories from UGREEN with up to 55% off!

Are you planning to buy an accessory for your smartphone/computer, but having trouble finding a good option for a good price? Well, know that your time to save has finally arrived!

Between the days October 17 and 21a UGREEN — the brand responsible for some of the most innovative charging accessories in recent times — will carry out its Super Brand Daypromotion that will feature discounts of up to 55% on products from different categories!

That’s right, it’s already started! The manufacturer has already made some accessories available on its official AliExpress store with very expressive discounts that can be unlocked with several coupons — including a general one, UGBRANDwhich can be used in all stores and gives $4 off purchases over $30.

And we, of course, will highlight a few here for you who have had your eye on that charger for months and were just waiting for the right time to spend your rich buck.

Shall we take a look at everything?

20W PD fast charger

The first item on the list is a great option for those of you who are tired of waiting hours at the wall outlet until you can use your iPhone without any wires stuck in it. I’m talking about UGREEN’s 20W PD fast charger, an accessory capable of charging 60% of the iPhone 13’s battery, for example, in just 30 minutes.

Available in a variety of outlet standards, the accessory is universally compatible and can be purchased with a USB-C to Lightning cable or just USB-C.

To get that comrade discount, use the code MAG20W2 when buying.

100W Nexode multiport charger

Anyone who has multiple devices at home knows how having to deal with that pile of chargers can be quite annoying, especially when traveling.

A great option for having a single adapter capable of powering even the most demanding devices is the 100W Nexode charger, which uses GaN II technology to deliver no less than four ports (three USB-C and one USB-A) in a single package.

According to UGREEN, the accessory can power a 13-inch MacBook Pro completely, for example, in approximately two hours. To buy it at a discount, use the code MAG100W2 when buying.

7-in-1 hub for laptops

Need more ports on your computer? A good option to expand your connectivity is the UGREEN 7-in-1 Hub, an accessory that adds an HDMI 2.0 port (4K60 with HDR10), an RJ 45 Ethernet port, a USB-A port, two USB-C ports and an SD card reader.

With a premium look, the hub has a data transfer rate of 18Gbps and compatibility with chargers up to 100W through its USB-C ports. That way, you don’t lose access to any of your computer’s precious ports.

use the coupon MAGHUB2 to buy it at a discount!

HiTune X6 headphones

If you want to get rid of the wires for once and go for a great-sounding pair of TWS headphones at an affordable price, the HiTune X6 is a great choice. With features often found only in much more expensive models, the headphones have active noise cancellation (up to 35dB) and Bluetooth 5.1 connection.

With an in-ear design, the HiTune X6 has a latency of just 50ms – something that can be decisive in games, for example. The X6 promises 6 hours of continuous playback — a number that can be extended to up to 26 hours with the case on. In all, it has 6 microphones that help to cancel noise during calls.

Did you like it? Well use the coupon MAGX6A2 to get that discount during your purchase.

4000DPI wireless mouse

Following the same line of cordless accessories, we have the 4000DPI wireless mouse from UGREEN, with its ergonomic design. In all, it has six fully customizable buttons that promise to be pretty quiet no matter the situation.

Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Chrome OS, it has a range of up to 15 meters and comes with a USB receiver included in the box.

To buy it at a discount, use the code MAGWMB2 when buying.

3-in-1 car charger

Want to recharge your devices while you drive to work or hit the road for the weekend? Then consider the PD130W 3-in-1 automotive charger which, according to UGREEN, is compatible with most cars on the market and supports fast charging.

With two USB-C ports and one USB-A port, the PD130W lets you recharge from your smartphone to your laptop without wasting time at home. With a maximum power of 100W at a time, it has a chip designed to protect your devices’ batteries and an air outlet to prevent overheating.

Compatible with virtually any device, it is now available at a discount using the coupon MAG130W.

Here’s a great opportunity to buy some UGREEN products with discounts.

By the way, are you a fan of UGREEN products? The company’s official store is full of other accessory options, so you can have a complete ecosystem at home. 😉

TRANSPARENCY NOTE: This is a sponsored article, independently written by MacMagazine from a commercial agreement with the advertiser, which did not influence the content of the post.

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