5G signal makes it mandatory to change the dish; Brazilians can receive a new antenna for FREE

5G coverage arrived in the country in the middle of this year. Since then, the capitals have started to receive the signal, although it is not yet available in the entire territory of the capitals. This happens because it is necessary to have an antenna for every 100 thousand inhabitants. And, because of this, not all neighborhoods can have the signal. 5G promises a faster connection and faster internet speed.

However, what many people may not know is that 5G has a relationship with satellite TV antennas. In this way, some families may have to change antennas. And, for that, they can count on the possibility of requesting a kit for free through a program. See more below.

Satellite exchange occurs under the influence of the 5G signal / Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Where is 5G already present?

The 5G signal has a coverage plan, with the objective of covering the municipalities of the country. Thus, the first cities to receive it were the capitals. Since the month of July, coverage has gradually started to be present in Brazilian capitals. Today, it can be found in the following locations:

  • Brasilia
  • Belo Horizonte
  • João Pessoa
  • Porto Alegre
  • Sao Paulo
  • Curitiba
  • savior
  • goiânia
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • palms
  • Victory
  • Florianopolis
  • Recife
  • Strength
  • Christmas

At the beginning of October, the 5G signal arrived in the last capitals that were missing. It is worth remembering that the initial forecast was that by the end of July all capitals would have the signal. But, due to delays in the delivery of filters to avoid interference with satellite signals, there was a postponement.

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Satellite exchange: who is entitled?

The parabolic switch happens due to the need to “clean up” the C-bank frequency airspace from 3.7 GHz to 6.45 GHz. That’s because the 5G band takes the frequency of 3.5 GHz. For this reason, there needs to be a change of dish, as the signal could have interference. And, with that, the television could have flaws in both sound and image quality.

Thus, telephone companies associated with 5G coverage joined the Siga Antenado program, to replace the satellite dish of families that could have their signal impaired. Therefore, according to the program, families who:

  • They are registered with CadÚnico and receive some benefit;
  • They have a satellite dish installed and working;
  • Register with Siga Antenado and request the new kit.

It can be distributed free of charge to these families. It is important to note that the C-band frequency is expected to cease to exist within 18 months. The digital kit satellite exchange will operate with the Ku-band frequency, which runs between the range of 10.7 GHz to 18 GHz. The kit consists of a remote control, an antenna and a signal receiver.

A detail is that families that already have the antenna known as “fishbone” may not need to request the exchange.

How to apply?

The request can be made through the official website of the program, at the address: https://sigaantenado.com.br/. In addition, another possibility is to make the request by calling 0800 729 2404. It is necessary to schedule a day for delivery and installation. However, before installing, the person in charge carries out an inspection to check if the family meets the requirements.

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