Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max does well on cameras on DxOMark, but doesn’t outperform the Pixel 7 Pro

This Monday (17th), the DxOMark released the results of camera tests from the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. The most expensive model from Apple did well in the evaluationbut did not surpass the current king of the global ranking, the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max obtained an average score of 146, which placed it in third place in the global ranking, behind only the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate (2nd place) and Google Pixel 7 Pro (list leader), both with 147 points.

In terms of photos, the iPhone 14 Pro Max excelled in the colors captured in the images, beating the Google Pixel 7 Pro at that point. the autofocus and exposure also did well in the test of DxOMark and got almost the maximum score.

In terms of video recording, the iPhone 14 Pro Max surpassed the Pixel 7 Pro in terms of exposure, color, autofocus noise eestabilization. ODxOMark highlighted the excellent contrast and accurate skin tones captured by Apple’s top-of-the-line model.

However, the device also had some caveats raised, such as rnoise in photos taken indoors, cropping issues in the skies, and the white balance was not very efficient in some scenarios.

Remembering that the primary sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is from 48 MP with a 24mm-equivalent f/1.78 aperture and second-generation sensor-shift OIS. It is worth mentioning that the model also did well in the DxOMark screen test.

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  • The Google Pixel 7 Pro is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.
  • The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is available from Magazine Luiza for BRL 9,449.
  • Honor Magic 4 Ultimate is not yet available in Brazilian stores. To be notified when it arrives.

(Updated Oct 17, 2022 at 3:04 PM)

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