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The way in which the game between Sport and Vasco ended last Sunday was surprising due to the scenes of violence and chaos on Ilha do Retiro, but tension had already surrounded the confrontation for days due to the decision-making atmosphere with both teams in the race for access. O 1-1 draw was in the background in a game that had to be ended before the referee’s whistle.

+ Vasco’s football director reports tension on Ilha do Retiro

The invasion of the field by some Sport fans, after Raniel’s celebration in a goal that tied the game in the 48th minute of the second half, and the conflicts in the stands of the stadium prevented the match from ending on the field. Vasco’s players ran to the locker room and never came back. The feeling of insecurity took over.

Vasco and Sport players during confusion after Raniel’s goal – Photo: Paulo Paiva/AGIF

Hostile weather since long before the game

On the eve of the game, Vasco fans were already reporting fears for security on the Island. Vascaínos left several places in the Northeast on their way to Recife to buy tickets only on the day of the match, as determined by Sport. There were people who got in line before 7 am.

Vasco fans lined up at 7am to buy a ticket on Ilha do Retiro — Photo: Reproduction

The day before, the report had already witnessed confusion and heard reports of aggression against at least one person, who according to fans was a scalper, in the exchange of tickets by local fans. On Sunday there were riots in the sale to visitors.

+ Sport x Vasco is terminated after field invasion

Vasco fans are escorted before the game against Sport

Vasco fans are escorted before the game against Sport

The arrival at Ilha do Retiro was not smooth either. At the entrance of the Sport fans, pepper spray was used. On Vasco’s side more confusion. People reported difficulties in accessing the stadium, and some Vasco residents had to be escorted. Supporters of Santa Cruz, Sport’s rival, were approached by the police around the island. Some joined the visiting crowd in the stands.

– The Military Police approached fans of Torcida Inferno Coral in the surroundings of Ilha do Retiro. Those referred were without tickets and were instructed to follow another destination – said the PM through the press office.

Police officers approached Santa Cruz fans before Sport x Vasco – Photo: Reproduction

Inside the stadium the tension continued. Sport fans had a great party in the first half and pressured the opponent with a lot of noise coming from the stands. But before the break, some local fans intimidated a Vasco analysis team that was in a booth near the red-black crowd – a fan even threw a can at the professionals.

+ Sport fan invades field and attacks firefighter

Cabin for Vasco’s press and professionals was very close to Sport’s fans — Photo: Emanuelle Ribeiro/ge

Labandeira’s goal in the 19th minute of the second half made Ilha explode, and nervousness became Vasco’s biggest opponent on the field until the penalty scored with the aid of VAR, in the 45th minute. When Raniel charged and scored, the striker left for the opposing crowd to celebrate. Chaos ensued once and for all. Rubro-blacks tried to invade, assaulted other fans and professionals working on the game and had to be stopped by police.

Video shows field invasion and widespread confusion on Retiro Island after Vasco's goal

Video shows field invasion and widespread confusion on Retiro Island after Vasco’s goal

There was no more climate to have a game on Ilha do Retiro, but players, managers and Sport fans pressed for Vasco’s return and the end of the match within the four lines. The tie was terrible for the home team’s plans. After almost 60 minutes of stoppage, the referee decided to end the game, and the subsequent reports are serious.

Supporter is attended after confusion in Sport x Vasco — Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

Vasco locked himself inside the locker room, and police had to intervene so that Sport’s players and managers did not invade the place. Even so, there was an attempt to break-in and attack Vasco professionals by red-black professionals, according to people from the Rio club.

– There was an attempt to invade the locker room, we had our professionals and athletes attacked, and the referee called us to a meeting, with representatives from each side, with the Military Police present. For lack of security, the referee declared the game over, a sensible decision to avoid a greater tragedy – said Vasco’s sporting director, Paulo Bracks.

Policeman at the door of Vasco’s dressing room after confusion against Sport — Photo: Ricardo Lay/Globo

Only after three hours did Vasco manage to leave Ilha do Retiro heading to his hotel. Upon arrival, the atmosphere among players was calm, with happiness for the result despite the scare, but club professionals reported fear. The apprehension was visible. The Vasco legal department will take the appropriate measures.

Vasco players arrived at the hotel three hours after confusion — Photo: Emanuelle Ribeiro/ge

It was not easy for the visiting fans either. After hours of waiting inside the stadium, a bus of Vasco fans who came from João Pessoa was vandalized before returning to the capital of Paraíba. A stone thrown by rival fans broke one of the windows. A Vasco appears in a video sent by a fan to ge (see below) with a bleeding leg.

Vasco supporters bus is vandalized after game with Sport

Vasco supporters bus is vandalized after game with Sport

On the field, the draw tasted like victory

If the confusion made headlines, on the field Vasco got what he wanted. Not losing was essential for a certain tranquility in the next rounds. Without Léo Matos, Jorginho improvised Miranda on the right side. The defender, who had not played for a year due to a suspension from Conmebol, felt the lack of rhythm and saw his side explored by Sport.

It was a first half of little football for Vasco. The team bet on forward kicks and, even with the speed of Marlon Gomes, Figueiredo and Eguinaldo, could not exploit the transitions. He missed more passes than he hit and counted on the good play of the defense duo, especially Danilo Boza. What was seen was a disorganized team, without strategy and very spaced out. And the main thing: a team that kicked little on goal, with two shots without risk for Saulo.

Best moments: Sport 1 x 1 Vasco, for the 35th round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

Best moments: Sport 1 x 1 Vasco, for the 35th round of the Brasileirão Série B 2022

The second half had a character that was talked about. With Eguinaldo having difficulties making the pivot and holding the ball in front, Jorginho opted for Raniel to be the centre-forward. At first, what really made the difference was the entry of Alex Teixeira, who sped up the game and better visualized the transitions. In Vasco’s best moment, when the team started to play closer and use the aerial ball, Anderson Conceição stamped the crossbar in a header.

That’s when Raniel delivered a ball to Sport and saw the opponent open the score after a good finish by Vagner Love and a rebound taken advantage of by Labandeira. Shirt 9, who was not on good terms with Vasco’s fans, began to be criticized on the Island and on social networks. In his homeland he went from villain to hero with the penalty converted in the final minutes.

Raniel was the character of Sport x Vasco — Photo: Daniel RAMALHO/VASCO

It is not difficult to understand the criticism of Raniel, who has limitations and has made many mistakes in this Series B. But within the options that Vasco has for the role, shirt 9 fulfills his role well. He makes the pivot, moves, opens space and swings the nets – so much so that he is the club’s top scorer in Serie B and in the season – it’s obvious that he could score more goals if he didn’t miss so many chances. Between hate and love, the fans are grateful to the striker.

+ Read more news from Vasco

"precious point", says João Almirante |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Precious point”, says João Almirante | The Voice of the Crowd

The draw leaves Vasco three points ahead of Sport and four above Sampaio Corrêa and Criciúma. Ituano is five points behind. The most favorable is that the team has two games ahead of them in São Januário, where they haven’t lost in the season. There is the possibility of guaranteeing access in the 37th round and avoiding risks at the end of the championship.

Vasco will once again have a full week of training for the game against Criciúma, at 4:30 pm next Saturday, in São Januário. Jorginho will count on the return of Léo Matos.

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