Belarus confirms arrival of Russian tanks and military vehicles – 10/17/2022

ROME, OCT 17 (ANSA) – The Ministry of Defense of Belarus has confirmed the arrival of a large fleet of Russian military vehicles that will operate in the area of ​​the border with Ukraine, the ministry reported through the Tass news agency on Monday. fair (14).

According to a note signed by the head of the Department of International Military Cooperation of the ministry, Viktor Khrenin, there are already about 170 tanks, 200 combat vehicles and 100 cannons and mortars that will be used in the “regional group of forces”. In all, there will be 9,000 soldiers from both countries in the area.

The Belarusian local agency, Belta, highlighted that the “regional group of troops and forces from Belarus and Russia began their deployment and the fulfillment of their missions for the armed defense of the State of the Union.”

The move had been announced on October 10 by Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko, called “Europe’s last dictator” for having been in power since 1994 and Russia’s main regional ally Vladimir Putin. The justification would be a possible “invasion” of Kiev on its territory, something considered “liar” by the Ukrainians.

However, there are fears that the massive presence of Russian troops in the region could further aggravate the war, since despite being huge, with more than a thousand kilometers, the border areas between the two countries are far from the battlefront.

In February, when Moscow ordered the invasion, several Russian troops and vehicles entered Ukraine via Belarus. The military was in the country under the guise of joint military exercises, as announced now.

European Union – In a draft of the final document of the next European Council, scheduled for October 20 and 21, there is a quote for a possible increase in sanctions against Belarus for the current participation in the Ukrainian war.

“The European Council invites the Belarusian authorities to no longer allow the Russian war of aggression, allowing the Russian armed forces to use Belarusian territory and providing support to the Russian Army. The Belarusian regime must fully respect its obligations under international law “, says an excerpt from the document.

Also according to the quote, the “EU is ready to intervene quickly with new sanctions against Belarus if necessary”.


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