Ceni values ​​delivery of the São Paulo squad after a draw with leader Palmeiras: “The team has a lot of pride” | Sao Paulo

Rogério Ceni is proud of the São Paulo squad. The coach praised the players a lot after the 0-0 draw with rival and leader of the Brasileirão Palmeiras, this Sunday, at Allianz Parque.

Tricolor managed to win a point after having two players sent off (Ferraresi at the end of the first half, and Lucas Beraldo at the end of the second) and Felipe Alves defending Scarpa’s penalty.

– We are not a stone in the shoe, we are São Paulo Futebol Clube, a club the same size as Palmeiras and that always fights a lot, it is competitive. We have to highlight the dedication of all the athletes. It’s not easy to lose a competition that we’ve reached the end of and we’d love to play with that title today. But at no time does it lack dedication – said Ceni, when asked about Tricolor always making Palmeiras’ work difficult.

Rogério Ceni in Palmeiras vs São Paulo — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The coach, as he has been in almost all recent press conferences, recalled how difficult it has been to rebuild the team after the defeat in the final of the Copa Sudamericana, against Independiente del Valle.

– It is not easy to react, as against América-MG, we were competitive against Botafogo, unfortunately we lost. Today in the first half we had the best shot opportunities with Reinaldo, Luciano, Igor Vinicius. Good opportunities to score when it was 11 against 11. Our team has a lot of pride. Has dedication in the tactical part. We defended much better than in the other games against Palmeiras here. Today we were able to defend better and get better goalscoring opportunities in the first half. I can only be proud of my players. I repeat that we still miss this title a lot, but they still struggle with some shortcomings and corrections that we have to make for the next games – completed Ceni.

Watch Rogério Ceni's press conference after Palmeiras vs São Paulo

Watch Rogério Ceni’s press conference after Palmeiras vs São Paulo

With 41 points, in 11th place and with one less round than most opponents, the São Paulo coach spoke of the importance of fighting for a spot in the next Libertadores.

– The vacancy is important. I think the club’s planning, with or without the vacancy, looks the same to me. In the same way, he will face the next year, given the circumstances that come. The vacancy for me, when we focused on the Sudamericana, was to have come in that final. Unfortunately it didn’t and it won’t go away until the end of the year.

Best moments: Palmeiras 0 x 0 São Paulo, for the 32nd round of the 2022 Brazilian Championship

Best moments: Palmeiras 0 x 0 São Paulo, for the 32nd round of the 2022 Brazilian Championship

Ceni also commented on Felipe Alves’ defense in Gustavo Scarpa’s penalty:

– I say that this is a lot of each one (penalties). Merit of Felipe defending penalties. It’s his. The perception is of the goalkeeper. I know how hard it is for a coach to tell you. Once a coach told me that a player was hitting there. I thought: “if I go to mine, the coach will talk, but if I go to the coach’s and don’t pick it up…”. The player hit the other corner. We evened out in the end. It was São Paulo x Guarani, I don’t remember the year (laughs). Palmeiras play very vertical, it requires a lot of reading from the goalkeeper. This is something I talk to them a lot about.

Rogério Ceni in Palmeiras vs São Paulo — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

São Paulo returns to the field next Thursday, against Coritiba, at 8 pm, in Morumbi, in a late game of the 29th round of the Brazilian Championship.

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"I'm proud of Sao Paulo", evaluates Caio |  voice of the crowd

“I’m proud of São Paulo”, evaluates Caio | voice of the crowd

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Banner São Paulo — Photo: ge.globo

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