Check the lineups for the classic between Palmeiras and São Paulo

Orlando Ribeiro took over Santos shortly after Lisca left, in September, suddenly. The invitation came on an ordinary work day. He was in the middle of training for the under-20s when he heard that he would need to go to President Andrés Rueda’s office. Upon accepting, he chose to remain calm. It was difficult, but he knew that the team was in an unfavorable situation in the Brazilian Championship table and would need to find a way out. The trick was to take a deep breath. “I thought in parts. I thought about tomorrow, with the first training session at CT. I thought about the next game, about what had to be done during the week, I didn’t think about the schedule, the troubled moment, the environment. step by step. If I thought about everything at the same time, I would get butterflies in my stomach, my emotions would stop and my legs would tremble”, said the coach in an interview with UOL Esporte. Ahead of Santos until the end of the season, Orlando has commanded just five games so far. There were two wins and three defeats, which took the team to 11th place in the table, with 40 points. And despite the short time in the first team, it was enough for changes in the coach’s routine. Sleep, for example, is no longer the same. With his family in São Paulo, Orlando is alone in an apartment in Santos. Accompanied by silence, he watches games and studies his opponents. “I’ve been sleeping late. I don’t sleep much for watching games, watching training, analyzing our reports and the opponent’s. I haven’t managed to organize my day yet. Time is what we do, but I didn’t organize my 24 hours. [risos]. I’m slowly improving,” she said,

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