Couple discover ‘sea monster’ on US beach

A creature similar to a ‘sea monster’ was found by bathers on a beach in Florence, Oregon, in the United States, last Thursday (13). The case was reported by the American channel Koin.

Resident Adoni Tegner, who found the animal, told the channel that “It just didn’t look anything like what I’ve seen. It looked more stringy and like it had been a large squid or something.” He was driving in the vicinity of the beach when he was surprised by the “monster”, with long tentacles attached to it.

According to Tegner, the creature was the size of a pickup truck, smelled like a decaying mammal and was covered in long white fur. Soon after seeing the animal, he called his girlfriend, Merica Lynn, to look at the animal.

Merica recorded a video of the creature and shared it on social media, asking if anyone would know the species of the creature. She pointed out that she had seen whales stranded on the beach for weeks, but none had hair like the one found. The woman said that when she touched it, the animal had a greasy appearance.

Hatfield Marine Science Center stranding program manager at the University of Oregon, Jim Rice, told Koin that the creature looks like decomposed remains of a dead whale. “What looks like hair is the decaying remains of other body tissues: muscles, nerves, tendons, etc. I would estimate that this animal has been dead for several months,” he explained.

In the comments of the publication, many netizens were curious about the creature. Some pointed out that it could be a ‘globster‘, the name given to large decomposing marine animals that have reached the coast in the past and appear to be covered in fur.

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