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Some celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian have already adopted miracle diets, with techniques ranging from baby food to vinegar shots. But do they really work? O Spectacular Sunday talked to experts to unravel this controversy.

”There is no miracle. It’s all a set. If you do physical activity there and want to take the shot as an aid, it’s cool, because it will reduce the amount of carbohydrate absorption, satiety and even help with weight loss”, explains endocrinologist and nutritionist Raquel Bezerra de Menezes.

To use the shot, you need to take some care to avoid harm to your health. ”Apple cider vinegar should be consumed diluted in water. We don’t have a protective membrane for the exophagus, so it can harm this membrane and also the enamel of the teeth”, alerts nutritionist Ligia Lima.

The secret to getting in shape and getting rid of the dreaded ‘accordion effect’, according to the professionals, is to change your behavior with consistency and discipline.

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