Heroic, with two fewer, São Paulo silenced Allianz. Felipe Alves sensational. He even saved a penalty. Draw with a taste of victory – Prisma

São Paulo Brazil

São Paulo had a safe, firm first half, had suffered little with Palmeiras, in the heart of Allianz Parque.

But in the 44th minute, in the corner kick in favor of Rogério Ceni’s team, Danilo ran to mark Ferraresi. The Venezuelan defender, irritated by the steering wheel, first pushed him. And then, in an irresponsible, silly, childish way, he closed his hand and left his arm tightly on the palmeirense’s chest.

Direct red card. But than fair. Ferraresi sabotaged Rogério Ceni’s tactical plan.

In the second half, with one more player, a very special duel began.

Between Gustavo Scarpa and Felipe Alves.

The midfielder, the main articulator of Palmeiras, tried in every way to beat the goalkeeper. But there was no way. Not even in the penalty kick, also committed in a bizarre way by Calleri, who slapped the ball, after a corner, in the 16th minute.

Gustavo Scarpa went for the ball and hit the right corner of Felipe Alves, who had studied the player’s charges a lot, and jumped with conviction, avoiding the goal.

Not even after the expulsion of Beraldo, for committing a foul on Endrick, with two players more, Palmeiras managed to score a goal. The nine who remained for São Paulo left their soul on the field and bravely held the 0-0.


It was a breathtaking classic.

Palmeiras remains the absolute leader, heading for the title. And the point that Rogério Ceni’s team, 11th in the standings, achieved could be fundamental in the fight for the pre-Libertadores.

“It was a difficult game, until the expulsion (of Ferraresi) it was well balanced. We were creating, suffering a little but also creating. Then we had to defend a little more, I was able to contribute with some defenses, I’m happy, but we have to congratulate everyone for their dedication and dedication. Everyone gave their best, scoring with one less is not easy. You have to congratulate the group.”

“It’s complicated, we come from a defeat in a final, which weighed heavily on us, we know that, we have this internal pressure, thinking about what we can do better. We know that we are in a daily fight to qualify for the pre -Libertadores. This point will certainly be very important”, said the great player of the match, goalkeeper Felipe Alves.

“It’s difficult, isn’t it? Whenever a player misses a penalty it’s complicated. Regardless of the goalkeeper’s merit, the batter’s responsibility is very big. I’ve never run away from it and I won’t run away. But, of course, I’m very upset for having made a mistake”, he said. , resigned, Gustavo Scarpa.

But the match had many other ingredients besides the private duel between the two.

The board and the Technical Commission of Palmeiras wanted to win, not only for the rivalry, for revenge for the elimination in the Copa do Brasil, when the VAR favored São Paulo.

Abel Ferreira’s game proposal was clear from the first minutes of the match. Pressing, marking the ball out, imposing a fast, intense rhythm. He wanted to see his team scoring a goal soon. To disarm Rogério Ceni’s defensive system.

Merentiel was the starter, as the blog anticipated, with Ron’s suspension. And the biggest mistake in the assembly of Palmeiras’ squad was again wide open. The absence of a real scorer, ready, who has the potential to impose himself in Brazilian football. The investment philosophy, as if the team were a bank, of buying young players in South American football to profit from future sales, allows risking left-backs, defenders.

But scorer is something very important. Merentiel and López try hard, give everything they can. They just don’t have much potential. They are below the team. Just like Navarro, who came from the second division, from Botafogo.

The lack of this definer hindered Palmeiras too much in Libertadores and in the Copa do Brasil. Just like today.

Abel also ordered his players to make tactical fouls on Patrick, an athlete who gave a lot of work in the clashes against São Paulo.

Rogério Ceni set up his team with three defenders. And he was concerned not to lose, if possible, to make the team fit in counterattacks, with inversions of plays, to catch the attackers on the back of the Palmeiras defender, who acted in advance.

The first half was a lot of pressure from Palmeiras, with plays on the sides of the field. And with dangerous counterattacks from São Paulo, with Calleri holding Gustavo Gómez and Murilo, giving space to players coming from behind.

Until the absurd expulsion of Ferraresi came.

At half-time, Ceni swapped Luciano for Galoppo, much more vibrant in midfield. And he switched his defensive system to four defenders, two full-backs and two defenders. He set up another line of four in the middle and only Calleri fighting at the front.

Abel made his team keep pushing through the flanks. Ron was sorely missed. Even improvised as a striker, his appearance diagonally behind the back at high speed would be far more productive than Merentiel’s shyness. And López’s lack of confidence. Two signings that were two mistakes by the direction.

Despite being watched by Rodrigo Nestor and Pablo Maia, Gustavo Scarpa had every chance to set up and hit the goal, starting the excellent duel with Felipe Alves.

The biggest chance came with the missed penalty.

With ten minutes to go, Endrick, who was late in the game, got Beraldo sent off. Abel, as he wanted to teach Cuca, when Atlético had two more players than Palmeiras and didn’t win, in Libertadores, he tried to do what he preached. He insisted that Palmeiras play in the middle so that players appear by surprise on the sides, in the São Paulo area.

Your strategy backfired. Because it even facilitated the marking of Ceni’s team. Even more so with López on the field. He hindered more than helped Palmeiras. Atuesta also doesn’t have the technical level for the Brazilian champion team. Another mistake that Abel Ferreira does not want to assume.

São Paulo unfolded with its nine players.

And he managed to leave Allianz with a draw with the taste of victory.

Palmeiras and their fans, who wanted ‘revenge’, were frustrated.

0 to 0 good for title search.

But disappointing for those who wanted to get in the way, taking São Paulo out of the pre-Libertadores.

Even more with the rival with two less.

For Ceni’s team, a result to celebrate.

With the ability to give more confidence in the fight for 2023.

It was heroic what the team did at Allianz today…

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