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When we think about the chip A16 Bionic immediately comes to mind power and efficiency, being known as the most performant SoC ever put in a mobile device.

But compared to other chips from Apple itself, how does it look?

It was this question that Macworld magazine wanted to answer, which made a comparative list of benchmarks for each chip the company launched in recent years.

Apple adopted its own chips on iPhone 4in 2010 and since then all its cell phones and tablets have processors developed inside the Cupertino laboratories.

And the whole thing went so well that in recent years these chips have ended up in computers as well. Today, almost the entire line has abandoned the old Intel, replacing them with more performant and more energy efficient processors.

Here’s the question: who is the A16 in the lineup of Apple’s processors?

processor difference

Even the iPhone 14 Pro bringing the processor more efficient than any other smartphone in the world and allowing you to do things that just a few years ago, the A16 still doesn’t compare to a computer chip.

In fact, the “cell phone giant” loses to Apple’s own M1 and M2 processors. And lose out.

The M1 chips were a great evolution of the iPhones processors and today we have iPad Pro with processing as fast as the MacBook Air M1.

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It is worth noting once again the little growth between one generation and another of the A Bionic chips. And we had already commented on this in another article.

And in the comparison, we see that the difference is not so intense since the A14, which equipped the iPhone 12.

But when you start listing the M1 chips, the difference is stark.

The iPad Pro M1 already takes a great distance to the brand new iPhone 14 Pro, with a 35% gain. And when we go to the Pro, Max and Ultra lines, the difference is then absurd.

So you can imagine how much still Apple can evolve in its chips for the iPhone and iPad.

If you want to read the full Macworld article, check out the magazine’s website.

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