Instagram plans to launch open profiles for everyone to post

recently the Instagram announced that it was preparing a change that until then had been a request from many users. The developers identified the existence of accounts that had open passwords, so that anyone could post something.

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In this way, those responsible began to look for alternatives, seeking to offer the opportunity to create free profiles in an easier way.

Increasing audience interaction

Although social networks of mass publications bring together characteristics linked to the wide availability of materials, many end up adhering to a restricted account, accepting followers with authorization. That’s why certain entrepreneurs create two or more accounts, seeking to meet different exposure needs, as the internet expands the channels of disclosure.

The idea of ​​providing a wall of ideas

The individualized feed ends up generating a series of contents that are disseminated according to the algorithm. However, there’s nothing compared to Facebook pages, where anyone can post something they’re interested in. This way of generating identification is important, as it allows Instagram to create a connection from similar topics, improving reach.

The discoveries of Alessandro Paluzzi

Paluzzi is an influencer who shares the main news of digital media, anticipating official disclosures. on your page twitter, showed with screenshots, tests that the Meta group has done in the beta version. Shared profiles appear in the records, accessible to anyone who wants to express themselves following the community guidelines.

Apparently, these public spaces will be similar to the mechanisms of other social networks, considering that it will be an online mural. The moderator must pay attention to the rules, ensuring that members are consistent and respectful. As in the case of Whatsappthe tools assign certain control tools to the administrator, preventing relationship problems.

For now, the mechanism is in the testing phase and will only be made official through an official Instagram announcement, with progressive updates on iOS and Android devices.

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