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Catho is a job vacancy website that connects candidates and companies. It is possible to register on the platform and send your resume for free, although subscribing to the service brings advantages such as having your resume highlighted in relation to other candidates. The paid plan also allows the auto-sending of resume, a feature that uses artificial intelligence to automatically forward the document to the vacancies that best fit the user’s profile.

The same dynamic applies to companies, which can advertise vacancies for free, but can opt for exclusive services that facilitate the search for candidates. Next, the TechTudo explains in detail how Catho works. Read on to learn how to send resumes and see if the platform is trustworthy.

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Catho is a platform that connects companies and candidates — Photo: Reproduction/Catho

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What is Catho and how does it work

Catho is a technology marketplace that connects candidates and companies by offering job vacancies. The company was founded in 1977, but has been fully online since the 2000s. Both companies and candidates can use Catho for free, but the site also offers subscription plans that release special features.

In the case of companies, the paid version facilitates the search for the ideal candidate; for candidates, the candidacy is highlighted and appears in front of competitors. It is worth mentioning that Catho is available for free only in the web version. The app for Android or iPhone (iOS) can be downloaded free of charge, but it works for subscribers only.

Learn more about Catho, a platform to find jobs — Photo: Disclosure/Catho

Companies that hire by Catho

Companies from different segments hire employees through Catho. Carrefour, Itaú Unibanco, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Lojas Americanas, Nestlé and Walmart Brasil are some of the main examples of companies using the platform.

How to apply for a job vacancy

To apply for a job, you need to create an account on the platform. To do so, simply click on “Register for free”, in the upper right corner of the screen, and enter data such as name, e-mail and telephone number and include professional experiences. After logging in to the site, go to “Search jobs”, an option available on the top bar of the screen. Then use the filters located on the left side to optimize the search. You can select job title or keyword, city, state or region, job posting date, salary range, professional area, type of contract and type of disability, if the candidate fits into this category.

Search and send your resume for job openings at Catho — Photo: Reproduction/Carol Fernandes

After filtering the search, the site will display the list of jobs with description of activities and other information, such as hours and benefits. To send your CV, the user must click on the “I want to apply” button. Some vacancies will not have this option, as they are exclusive to subscribers. In these cases, the button will have a padlock and a clock, signaling how long that vacancy will be open to the general public. In some cases, positions require applicants to complete a questionnaire before submitting their CV.

One of Catho’s differentials is the auto-send CV feature. The tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically route the candidate’s resume to the vacancies that fit their profile. The trigger, made only after the candidate has chosen which position or area of ​​work he wants to apply for, optimizes time – an especially precious resource for those who are in an active job search.

For the tool to work, vacancies must be highly compatible with the user’s profile and have a direct application, that is, without questionnaires that ask for extra information. Resume auto-submission happens every morning, but only when the algorithms identify a compatible opportunity. Only candidates who subscribe to Catho’s professional plan are entitled to the feature and can enable this option in their profile.

In addition to serving as a bridge between companies and candidates, Catho has some extra features, such as job calculators. With them, users can calculate unemployment insurance, vacation, FGTS, termination, INSS and Income Tax Withheld at Source (IRRF) for free.

The site also offers resume templates to help candidates who don’t know how to assemble the document. Templates can be found in the “Tools and Templates” section, located just above the bottom of the page. There are options for young apprentices, nutritionists, programmers, psychologists, press officers, marketing specialists, among others.

Another additional feature of the platform is the “Professions Guide”, where you can search for a position to learn more details about the required training, as well as the average salary, career path, courses and related positions.

Catho allows users to register and send CVs for free. However, some functions, such as resume auto-send, are exclusive to subscribers. There are two plan options: the basic quarterly plan, available in three installments of R$29.90, and the quarterly professional plan, in three installments of R$59.90.

Catho is free, but it has paid plans with extra features — Photo: Reproduction/Thaisi Carvalho

The basic plan highlights the subscriber’s CV to recruiters, lets you apply for jobs before competitors, and also lets you see which companies have seen your CV. The professional plan offers all the features of the basic plan, in addition to the self-sending of the resume to the vacancies that best suit the candidate’s profile.

On the Reclame Aqui website, the company’s reputation scored 8.8 in the last six months. Catho responded to over 98% of complaints and resolved 94% of issues reported by users. About 74% of people would do business with the platform again. Among the main complaints are improper charges and problems with the employment and recruitment agency.

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